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Best 10 Easy Ways to Boost WordPress Website Speed & Performance

When the individuals are newly opening a website through world’s famous WordPress hosting environment for your personal or business purpose, you first have to grasp more amounts of visitors by increasing the speed of your website. The following are the essential and best ways to boost up the WordPress website speed for the maximum internet availability.

5 Tips to speed up the WordPress website:

1. Choosing the best web host:

When you are starting a new website with the WordPress platform, you have to first choose the best and reliable shared host. Investing on the proper hosting is highly beneficial to increase the speed of your website with the high online traffic.

2. Use an efficient caching plug-ins:

The word press plug-ins are definitely useful in order to improve the load time and speed of the web pages. The plugin like W3 total cache is the best caching plugin with several features to incredibly increase the speed of the web platforms.

3. Start with the solid theme/framework:

There are several numbers of WordPress frameworks are lightweight and also speedy. If you are choosing this type of framework or theme for your website, you can surely able to reduce the loading time and increase the speed of the website.

4. Optimize the images:

Optimizing the images of the website is also another best way to increase the speed of your website. The yahoo has an excellent image optimizer to reduce the file size of the images but without reducing the quality. At the same time, there is a wonderful WP-SmushIt plugin which is helpful for the automatic image optimization on the WordPress sites.

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5. Using the CDN:

CDN stands for content delivery network which can be used by the WordPress blogs or sites for the online marketing purposes. By using the Free-CDN plugin, the speed of the website will be increased well.

Other Effective ways to increase the word press site’s loading speed:

1. Optimize word press database:

In order to increase the loading speed of the WordPress website, everyone should also need to optimize your WordPress database. There are also the dedicated plugins called WP-Optimize and WP-DB Manager which are very helpful to schedule the dates for the WordPress database optimization.

2. Optimize your website homepage:

For increasing the load speed of your WordPress website, optimization of the site homepage is very much important to everyone. This is because the home page is the most important part of every website. When it loads quickly, then it can automatically get more numbers of visitors to increase the online traffic.

3. Adding an expires header:

It is really the great way to specify the particular time fat enough to load the website in the future. So, the online users don’t need to regain any static content because the loading time will be significantly reduced.

4. Disable hotlinks and leeching of contents:

The hotlink is actually a form of bandwidth theft. This hot-linking and leeching of content will reduce the speed of your WordPress site. By disabling both of them, you can able to increase the speed of your site.

5. Adjust Gr-avatar images:

Disabling the Gr-avatar logo or other images throughout the WordPress website will be helpful to increase the loading speed.

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