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What is File Extension AAE and How Do You Open It ?

File Extension AAE

When you are looking through the photos on your device, you might have come across a file with an extension that reads AAE. If you are on an Apple or Mac device, you will find a file extension beside the filename. On a Windows device, however, the file extension may not be visible by default, but can be made to appear. The file with the AAE extension may not open with ease. It may even produce a blank preview.

What is a file extension AAE and how to open it? Let us try learning a little about the AAE file type and understand what does it do.

What is an AAE file?

AAE files are actually the file created by Apple and are created as an image using the Photos app on an iOS device. The file extension is used for transferring the non-destructive edits made to the original JPG file. The AAE file accompanies the images when they have the edits in them.
In essence, the AAE files are created when you edit an image in the JPG format on an Apple device. These separate images are created with the edits made in them so that the original image is not affected in any way. The AAE images are saved in the same location where the original images are saved.
Whenever you open a JPG image that contains the edits, a reference is created to the AAE file that contains the edits. These edits are in the form of an XML format. That would mean these AAE files can be opened and read with the text editors such as Text Editors and Notepad.

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How to open the AAE files?

There are not many products or tools that can open an AAE file. You will need to access to a software that can handle the file with ease.
Opening AAE files should be quite easy on an iOS or Apple device. Simply open each of your edited pictures individually using a third-party tool. This will create several copies of your camera roll. You can remove the original file now and can edit or save the resaved edited images.

Is it safe to delete the AAE files?

That should be a common confusion most of the users who encounter an AAE file can face. This happens mainly due to the fact that most of the users are not aware of what the files are about, and what are they designed for.

Deleting these files will not have any adverse effect on the functionality of your software or even the original image files. However, deleting the files will make you lose the edits that have been made on the images.

In essence, the AAE files will be useful and practical only when they are on your iOS device. They will be helpful in viewing your edited images, and the original image will be retained without affecting it in any way.

However, if you have transferred those images onto your Windows and Android device, they are completely useless and serve no purpose at all on those devices. While the AAE files are not useful in any way on your device as of now. Of course, you may come across the tools that may support these files in future, but these files would be completely useless as of now. We would recommend deleting these files right away, and it would help you save more space in your storage.

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What if you want to keep the modifications on your photos?

The changes made on the photos on an iPhone are not saved on the original image. The edits are saved in separate files with the file extension AAE. What if you want to save the changes or edits made to the image on the original image?

The best way would be to send the required image or images to yourself through an email. This will be helpful in sealing the edits into the image. This will result in the new edits being saved onto the original image. You can download and save this image file and delete the original image. Of course, you have the option to keep both the images. Once that done, you can delete the AE files as you would not need them any longer.

How to convert AAE image to JPG file?

Is there any way you can convert an AAE image into JPG file? Yes, there are several options available for converting an AAE image into JPG. There are specialised software tools that can be helpful in achieving the task.

One of the promising tools that can be useful in converting the AAE files into JPG is Pixillion Image Converter. In fact, the software lets you convert the AAE file into several of the formats apart from JPG. In fact, you can find several options that can be helpful in achieving the best results by converting your AAE file into JPG with ease.

Well, the discussion here should have provided you with enough information on what are AAE files and how to open these files. The information provided here should also help you find if it is safer to delete the AAE files.

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Q1) How do I open an AAE file?

The AAE file contains the info on photo edits in the XML format. You can open them with TextEditor or Notepad. You can even use specialised software tools to convert them into JPG files.

Q2) Can I delete AAE file?

If you have the AAE files on your Windows or Android device, they are completely useless, and there is no point in keeping them.

Q3) How do I convert an AAE file to JPEG?

Pixillian image converter can be one of the excellent options that can be useful for your needs. It can be one of the excellent options for your conversion requirements.
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