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How to Access Facebook Full Site from iPhone or Android Or Mobile

Facebook is ideally used on a mobile device. It offers you an on the go functionality of using the social media service and lets you access the features rather easily and simply enough. However, there are times when you want to use the full version of Facebook on mobile. How to access Facebook full site from iPhone or Android or mobile screens? Let us check out the right options that can help you handle the task.

How to access Facebook full site from a mobile phone?

While Facebook is best suited for its mobile version, there are times when you want to use the full version to access a few features of the site. Some of the features on the web version of Facebook is not available on the mobile version. To access those features, you need to opt for the Facebook full version, and the tips here should help you achieve the task rather easy enough.

Method 1 – Change the URL

The best method would be to change URL to ensure that you can get access to the Facebook full version on a mobile screen. The method involves simply changing the URL of the site.
Tap on the address bar on your browser and tap or type in the URL – www.facebook.com/home.php.

facebook home

If you find that the method works in your case, you can simply save the address in your bookmarks for using it later.

Method 2 – Using a Browser request

This method involves sending a browser request for the desktop version of Facebook. Please note that the method would work depending upon whether Facebook accepts your request for the desktop version.

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On Google Chrome

  • Launch Facebook on Chrome browser
  • Tap on the three dots icon on the top right
  • From among the options, tap on Desktop Site
  • You should find a check-mark indicating that the request is sent.

Facebook on Google Chrome

On Safari

  • Launch Facebook in your Safari browser.
  • Locate the Options icon on the bottom and tap on it
  • On the next screen, tap on Request Desktop Site.

Facebook in your Safari browser

Why should your access Facebook full site from iPhone or other mobile screens?

Like we stated already, Facebook is best used on mobile, and the app forms part of an excellent option for providing you with a great degree of experience in handling your interaction with your friends. But there are a few reasons that make it inevitable to use the browser version of the tool.

However, when you visit Facebook on the mobile browser, you are redirected to the mobile website in most of the cases. Just like the mobile app of Facebook, the web version of the social media site comes with limited features. To access some of the features, you will need to use the desktop version of the social media site.

Mobile sites of any site tend to be quite unsatisfactory in one way or the other. The mobile sites tend to hide a few of the features on the mobile versions. Of course, this is done to improve the usability and introduce the more smoother functionality of the website on a mobile screen. But, if you are a power user, you are bound to be disappointed and annoyed with the lack of a few specific capabilities on the mobile version of the site.

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In fact, the Facebook mobile site is quite limited in terms of features, and that is exactly why you should check out the options on how to access Facebook full site from Android or other mobile screens with ease.

A few precautions you may need to take care of when using the Facebook full site on iPhone or Android or mobile

Once you have launched the full site version of the Facebook website on your mobile device, you should ideally be able to use the features on the desktop version of the software rather easy enough. The option provides you access to a greater degree of functionality that you have come to experience on your larger screen even on the mobile device with ease.

However, take care not to tap on the Facebook icon when browsing the Facebook full site on your mobile browser. You should also take care to avoid tapping on your profile name when using the full site on a mobile browser. This will make Facebook detect that you are using a mobile browser, and thus you will be redirected to the mobile version of the popular social media service.

The Concluding Thoughts

Well, that is exactly how you can access the Facebook full site on a mobile screen. However, you should be ready to witness a few occasional problems when accessing the desktop site through the mobile browser. However, you should get back to the best full site experience by simply repeating the procedure outlined in the above tutorial.


Q1) Is it better to use the Facebook browser or app?

Both app and browser come with their own advantages. The Facebook app is quite faster, and that should be one of the prime advantages. However, you may need to use the website version for a few specific requirements and functionalities that Facebook offers you.
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Q2) How can I change Facebook mobile to desktop?

The best option would be to load Facebook in the mobile app and then look for the options to request Facebook to serve the desktop site. Simply access the settings of your browser and locate the option to request the desktop version of the website.

Q3) What is the mobile version of Facebook?

The mobile version of Facebook is the mobile optimised version of the Facebook website. The mobile version provides you access to an enhanced usability and works with almost all the mobile phone browsers.

Q4) Can you use Facebook without the app?

Yes, you can use the mobile version of Facebook instead of opting for the app. While the app provides you with a great degree of efficiency, it can drain your battery to a considerable extent. In fact, using the app version and mobile version of the site provides you access to a similar functionality.
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