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WCW Meaning : What Does WCW Mean and How to Use it

WCW Meaning

In today’s world everyone is busy or very busy in their world with their mobile phones. Earlier there was a time, with the inception of mobile phones people had a lot of time to type text messages and forward messages and so on. But now the world has changed and people more of prefer using shortcuts, just like the shortcut computer keys to send messages to their loved ones. These days people are using super short cuts for sending messages and these have become so popular, especially in the western world and everywhere. People are addicted to it, and the new person who doesn’t know has to Google it.

Super Short cuts in Messaging –

Some of the super shorts that people have been using are for example, if you want to send someone a message asking them to wait, then you don’t have to do any hard work, just type 8 and that’s all. So, the pronunciation of 8 is somewhere similar to that of wait. Or people simply even type W8, or Wa8. These are the shortcuts that most of them use. You can also use these shortcuts if the person whom you are sending the message is well-versed or know the meaning of the same. Similar if you want to tell some that you ate dinner or had already eaten, then you
can type 8, of course now the number 8 & its pronunciation is similar to ate.

Meaning of 810 –

Besides that, if you want to tell the other person on the other end asking you whether you had something or have eaten something, then you can simply respond by typing 810. It is also one of the super short cuts for writing eaten in the way 810. It is because the pronunciation of 810 is similar to that of eaten. In this way, you can use such short cuts in your daily life and make life interesting and easy. You don’t have to go through the hassles of typing the words in the mobile phones and putting your fingers into stress.

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YES & NO Short-cut –

Another super short cuts that you will come to know about yes and no are very simple, for yes you can type, ‘S’ the pronunciation which is similar to that of yes. And, for No, you can type ‘O’. these are some of the interesting short cuts that you can use and make your life fun. By the way, ‘O’ can also be used for the word ‘Oh’. Let me tell you something more interesting, just now I used the word, ‘by the way’, there is a short cut for that also and it is BTW. And, this is very popular and many people use this short cut while typing the messages.

BTW & KK –

For example, BTW are you coming for the movie. But many people type in a super short cut way like – BTW R U CG 4 D MV? These are the types of short cuts that many people use, but not, but yet the maximum crowd prefers super short cuts while typing any messages. It is amazing to see how the language changed and the face of it. No one bothers about grammar and proper English these days. Most of them prefer to use short cuts, like for the word, ‘OKAY’ people prefer to use ‘KK” or just a letter ‘K’.

WCW Mean –

Sometimes it can be annoying for the other person, but that’s ok, that’s how some people prefer to respond. One of the most popular short cuts that have been used or is in use is WCM.

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WCM means women crush Wednesday. Many people wonder and have this question what does wcw mean? WCW is a term that is used by many men and women to applaud or appreciate their female friend or a celebrity or a partner. The term is most of the time used for being a great friend or being gorgeous and looking good or appealing or dishy. One of the most surprising things that you will know about WCW is that the first word that was introduced was

About WCW –

After WCW was used, then it gave rise to Man Crush Monday, that is MCM. Funny, isn’t it? Besides all of that, WCW also means World Championship Wrestling. Let me give you some of the examples of WCW, in both. For example, Betty says – the receiver of this week’s WCW award is my beautiful friend. So, here the word, WCW means Women Crush Wednesday. Similarly, if David says, Do, you remember the clash of the champions on the WCW, here it would mean World Championship Wrestling. So, it can be used by both, men and women to describe different sorts of meaning, either beautiful or some wrestling championship.

Super Short Cut Words –

Besides all of that, there are some super interesting shortcuts with some excellent meanings and useful words that people most uncommonly use. One of the most common words for a beautiful woman is BW. Apart from that, there are some uncommon words which people rarely use and that too mostly in the west or if people know the meaning of it. They are as follows – LEES – which means very attractive man or woman. Then, next word is PANTHER – which means
women who like older men. Apart from all of these, PIGEON is also one word that is used as a short cut to refer to a woman using a man for her personal gains. Also, other word is PUMA- which means woman who dates younger men. And, the word SWANK – means single woman with no kids.

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Difficulty for the Old –

So, there are very interesting kinds of super short cut words that you can use for referring to people or using the short cuts for people or some other or as the case may be. Using short cuts words like the one s mentioned above, can make typing easy for you. Besides that, it’s a lot of fun to use short cuts with friends. The only thing is that, some old people can have difficulty in understanding the short cuts, but the adult and the younger generation can easily understand the short cuts.

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