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Five of The Best Brain-Training Apps

Nowadays, brain training apps are very popular and seem to be everywhere offering you the opportunity to boost your brain power by spending very less time on them every day.Its just like going to the gym, but these apps promises to boost your mental strength, concentration and more. On the other hand, according to various studies, these type apps can help you to promote your mental health by letting you participate in various types of activities which are designed to improve your psychological functioning.

We all spend a lot of time on our body, then why not on our mind? Just like we need a healthy body, we also need a healthy mind and for that we have to keep our brain active. In fact, there are various studies and research paper which write about these types of brain exercise we should do daily.

On the other hand stress and anxiety is most common health problem everyone is facing today. Mental changes affect every part of our life and one of them is the ability of our brain. For this there are various types of apps which helps to sharpen your brain and aim to increase your cognitive functioning.

Below mentioned are the five best brain training apps:

1. Elevate

This is one of the most commonly used apps for brain training. There are various games in this app which are particularly designed to target specific problems which people face in their daily routine. Some of these problems are doing calculations on tips or difficulty writing email. One of the best things with this app is that it gives you step wise instruction for improving your performance. Further, most of its games directly relate to real world tasks and focuses to overcome your mental hurdle like writing, listening and math skills.

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2. Lumosity

The second most important and commonly used brain training app is Lumosity. This popular app is split into various sessions of 3 games which are aimed at your goals like attention, problem, memory, speed and flexibility. All these games are played against the particular time frame. Its developers also claim that its one session a day can improve your mental skills and performance at a very fast speed. Further, it also has more than 70 million subscribers worldwide.

3. Peak

Another most useful and innovative app for brain training is peak. It basically combines your brain science and games to give you a full brain workout. It also tests your focus, mental ability, problem solving and language skills with a huge variety of mini games and targets. When you use it daily, it will also provide its users with a variety of performance metrics to check your improvement over the time.

4. Personal Zen

Another widely used brain training app is personalzen. This is a very interesting game in which players follow 2 different animated characters, out of which one looks calm and other looks angry as they burrow through a field of grass. Its main aim is to keep your focus more on positive rather than negative. Therefore, its single session of play can boost your mental ability for several hours. Further you can also use this app before any stressful event or even 15 minutes a day will help you a lot.

5. CogniFit Brain Fitness

Last but not the least in the category of best training apps in this cognifit brain fitness. This app allows users to sign up and run through various series of exercises to assess your mental ability and can give training to you in the field of memory, attention and focus. Further, it also has a neat feature which has an ability to challenge your contacts to beat your performance for showing you a competitive platform.

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Therefore, these are the best five brain training apps. So, apps can also prove to be a gateway treatment for an individual which can empower you to make some positive changes. Further, these changes can lead you to other health and mental benefits also. So, go ahead and choose the one app which suits your needs the best and can enhance your brain skills to a great extent.

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