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Best Free Spy Apps For Android

Maybe you want to keep track on the activities of your spouse or a business partner, or even your employee. There are a few software solutions that would help you do that – spying on someone so to say. Spy Apps For Android is what we would be covering today. Before we can proceed, let us make it clear to you that a spy phone app does not authorize you to snoop into someone else’s life. These apps do let you track the activities of the person being spied upon in a stealthier way. However, use these apps with care because you may end up on the wrong side of the law and invite troubles. Exercise caution and stay within limits while using those Spy apps for Android.

Best Spy Apps For Android – A Comparative List

Spy Apps work in a stealthy way on your victim’s phone and serve you the information on their activities. But, first things first – do not be under an impression that these apps will help you become Sherlock Holmes or even a James Bond. Moreover, take care that you are not indulging in too much of spying. A Spy App for Android can be helpful when you want to track the whereabouts of your kids, or even checking the websites they are accessing.

With that brief introduction – let us move on to find a few good spy apps for Android phones in the following paragraphs. Let us make it clear that we would not be responsible for any issues you may face.

#1. Ear Spy

This is the app that gives you an improved hearing even in the crowd. This is the type of a spy app that comes under the category of spy apps for Android without target phone. It makes you a super hearing agent.

The app helps you listen to the sound around you by making people around you believe that you are listening to music on your headphones. You can use any Bluetooth headset to use with this app. Ear Spy captures the sound around you through the microphones and then amplifies it to the maximum possible extent. It can be considered to be one of the best free Android spy app. You can also use the equalizer within the app to fine tune the sounds from the surroundings.

#2. Spy Camera OS

Spy Camera app is an open source spy software for Android phone. It lets you capture images quite secretly.

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No one will notice that you are taking pictures as the Spy Camera can take image shots through an invisible camera. It comes with a minimalistic design language and quite simple to use. In fact, what makes it even great performer is the fact that it can continue taking pictures even when the screen is off. Some of the features that the tool is capable of include 4K video recording, integration with third-party software, and touch screen capture to name just a few. It would make it the best option for hidden spy apps.

#3. IP Cam Viewer Lite

What makes IP Cam Viewer Lite a good choice for mobile phone spy app is its ability to remotely control a lot of devices through your Android devices. It can control devices like IP Camera, DVR, Network Video Recorder, traffic cameras, CCTV or WebCam. The app supports a host of devices like NVRs and DVRs. You also have a complete cross-platform support as well. You can get regular alerts whenever the app detects any sort of motion on the connected devices.

#4. Sneaky Cam

The app works exactly like Spy Camera app featured above. The Sneaky Cam, as the name itself indicates, makes you appear you as if you are doing something else when you actually are taking pictures stealthily. You can choose a background of your choice. The background can be a browser or a music player. The app lets you tap on the screen to start capturing images. In fact, it is one of the excellent detective apps that can catch the culprit or any wrongdoing in action. If you are looking for stealth camera, spy camera or a hidden camera – it is the perfect app for your needs.

#5. Spy Message

Maybe you want to send the message to your friend, partner, or a boyfriend – but do not want the sent message to be available later on his or her phone. Whatever be your reasoning for doing this, but we have an app that can do it for you.

Spy Message lets you schedule the time frame that you would want your message to be deleted. In fact, this is the perfect spy text free app that would meet all your requirements. Isn’t it the best way you can use to share confidential information and then let the information self-destruct itself after the stipulated time. It comes with a simple to use interface that would need no extra training for understanding the functionality of the tool. And yes, you need not have all your contacts being accessed through the app. Customise the contact list the way you would want to. You can integrate your Google account with the app.

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#6. Secret Agent

Secret Agent is not an app for a single purpose. It includes a toolbox with several options and mini tools included in a single application.

It has a few features and tools included within the app. A spectrum analyzer, a compass, secret audio recorder are some of the tools available within this spy phone app for Android. The GPS information included within the application are accurate to the dot. In fact, the location information is secured from multiple sources like GPS, GLONASS and BeiDou. Secret video recording is the feature that would make it the best spy app for Android.

#7. Cell Tracker

This app can be helpful if your aim is to track the movement of your employee, or kids. You would need, however, an access to their phone so that you can install the app onto their phone. Once installed, and configured the app will not be visible in the app drawer or on the phone.

Once installed, you can monitor the activities of the target’s phone and its movements. You will keep getting updates every half an hour. You can check the phone when the target returns and find the locations visited by the device. It is thus the best option you can use to track the movement of your loved ones or your delivery team.

#8. Silent Spy Camera

As the name itself indicates the app takes snaps and videos silently without letting others know that their privacy is being compromised. It has several features that would make it a good spy app for android undetectable.


It does not let anyone that you are taking pictures or shooting videos. You can use a fake screen to hide the camera interface. You will get a discrete alert that the snap has been taken once it does. Either use the touch screen or the volume keys to take pictures. The high resolution of the snaps taken ensures the quality of the video or images. The images taken from the app are hidden in the vault that no one can access.

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#9. Highster Mobile

This app can be the best shot if you want to check out the activities of your kids. The options include the sites visited, locations attended, messages sent and other important details.

You can use the spy app to find information on your kids or even the employees. You can use the app to track the location details of the target device 24/7. The websites visited are recorded and the details are sent to your cloud account constantly. The app even records call logs and text messages. What makes it an interesting option is the fact that it does not need GPRS to track the location of the device. However, you will need to root the target device to be able to install the app on it.

#10. Secret Video Recorder

One of the best spy apps for Android, this can record videos without letting anyone know that they are being spied upon. It silently records the video while not having the camera interface on the preview screen.

The app supports multiple triggers to start recording. You can use one-touch recording or a scheduled recording. Secret Video Recorder also works with SMS recording. You can be assured of HD quality of the recording. What makes it even more interesting is the fact that it can record the videos even during a phone call. The videos shot from the app can be made to hide from the gallery.

The Parting Thoughts

That would conclude our listing of the best free spy apps for Android. We have concentrated on the free apps available for Android while compiling this list. Please note that there are a few great spy apps for Android under the paid apps category. The spy apps serve in a lot of applications than just snooping on other people’s activities. They can be a great measure in safeguarding the day to day activities of your kids, or loved ones.

If you think there are other apps that are worthy of being on this list, do share your views and opinions with us. Also share your views on the apps that we have featured in the above discussion.

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