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Apple Reportedly Drops Samsung As iPhone 8 Chipmaker

After releasing some high end devices to capture premium customers Smasung is becoming one of the main competitors of Apple in recent days. There are minimum confusion why Apple has started the procedure to replace Samsung as its largest vendor for iPhone! The secrets lie down the line of markets where both the companies are fighting each other to become the leader of the segment. This news might have anybody taken aback! Given the fact that Apple and Samsung are nothing but the top competitors, and Apple has now decided to put an end to their alliance as seen in the iPhone 6S and 6S plus. Apple is rather going to stick to Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) and have them as the only supplier for the A11 chips for the model for 2017, the iPhone 8 that is supposed to be.

Apple to manufacture its own chip!

TSMC had also produced the A9 chip for the company along with Samsung of course. Later on, the company came up with the news that it is only TSMC which is going to single handed produce the A10 chip, which will be seen in the iPhone 7, due for release in 2016, September 9th. Now that there has been news that the TSMC is going to produce the chipset for the iPhone 7, it becomes a matter of obviousness and as well anticipation that the case for the iPhone 8 will be no different.

Samsung may be replaced as the chip manufacturer for Apple

There is though not much to think as to why do Apple does such a thing, but for those are still wondering why. There could be more than just one reason. The fact that Samsung is Apple’s major competitor and having an alliance with your competitor for your own device might seem to be not such a great thing. Second, Apple is supposedly highly impressed with the 10nm FinFET process of manufacturing which has been applied by TSMC and therefore, such a step. Also, the cost effectiveness in both the cases highly differs; the process is cost effective as far as TSMC is concerned while it is not the case for Samsung.

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Is it obvious or the result of recent patent wars?

To add to all of that, Apple is also impressed by the fan out architecture deployed by TSMC, this allows them to make rather smaller chipsets which work more efficiently.

It was in May that the news of the Taiwan company starting to process the A11 chipset came into news, and also, there had been news that they shall be ready to roll out by the second quarter of 2017.

Now that we have heard of similar news for the iPhone 7 as well, once the phone is out in September, we will also learn whether the decision of Apple is beneficial for them or not!

But, one thing that is definitely happening is no more teaming up with competitor!

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