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The Galaxy Note 7 Is Built To Be a VR Trailblazer

The Note 7 has features which include a stylus, an Iris scanner and a lot more. These are the kind of feature which rather give a very professional and a rather formal kind of approach. However, the Note 7 is likely to have the fun aspect added to itself soon. The Note 7 might be the one to be giving to us the best virtual experience we could have thought of, and well, it goes without saying that it’d help not just the Note 7 but also the VR’s future & Samsung Galaxy S8 will sport a 4K display, compatible with Google Daydream VR.

The Note 7 shall, supposedly be one of the best Smartphones in the market, not for the features it shall have but because of the all rounder attitude it’d pull off super well. Fun and work both shall be the focus for the Note 7, and both the aspects shall be carried off equally well. The device as well has a great in-class camera taken from the Galaxy S7 edge and also is a water resistant Smartphone, yet another of the features taken from its predecessors. All the features that the Note 7 has makes it just the right thing for VR!

Note 7 shall turn out to be the first ever phone to be a part of Samsung’s VR strategy. He Oculus Rift dev kit used the Note 3’s OLED display and it was indeed smart decision given the faster response time that OLED has over LCD. Note 3 had among all of its competitors, one of the biggest and the sharpest display with a 5.7 inch screen.

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The Note 7 brought a higher resolution screen with a 2560*1440 pixel screen. It also served to be a display and processing gut for Original VR innovator Edition headset. Ever since, the devices from the Note series have been rather compatible with Gear VR headsets available for the general public.

The Note 7 shall take the trend further with a new headset which shall be built for VR in particular. The redesigned headset offers a native USB-C type connection in order to match the Note 7’s interface. Along with that, there shall also be yet another C-type USB port on the bottom for power as well as peripherals.

“USB-C certainly opens up options for Samsung or any vendor choosing to use this interface type,” Tuong Nguyen. “You get power and data from the same port.” It as well brings two devices working in lockstep in order to create a system for VR which has a powerful hardware.

Now that the S7 has brought in designs and components which are a defining feature for the Galaxy Generation, the Note 7 will now push it a step ahead by creating a VR ecosystem. HDR, USB-C and a new Gear VR are just the thing that is needed for a heads up. The Galaxy S8 shall also help VR to go mainstream once it comes out. As of now, the Note 7 is the thing for VR!

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