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LG V20 to be launched on 6th September and will be the first smartphone to run on Android Nougat

LG has been making a lot of improvements behind the curtains and has made enough hype about the upcoming smartphone from its stable, called the LG V20. You might remember the LG V10 which was launched with the dual camera set up, which is not even available in LG G6, and had excellent camera software and produced staggering images. Well this time LG has made a lot of improvements as they are heading to San Francisco to launch the V20. Let us have a look at the things that LG V20 is rumored to have!

LG have teased the V20 and given it a tagline’ The second Story Begins, LG V20’. This is great news for LG fans as this will be the second flagship from company’s stable.


LG V20 is the slimmest ever device from LG as it is just 7.7 mm thick and the thickness grows to 8.8 mm at the camera bump which is still quite impressive. LG is also going for a bigger screen this time so this means that LG V20 will be a bit bigger than LG G5 which had 5.3 inch display.


LG went for a 2K or qHD display in the G5 and this time they are going for the same design in the V20 as they will be fitting a qHD AMOLED display in the V20 but there is a big difference in both the displays as LG G5 was a handy 5.3 inch flagship device whereas the V20 will be at least 5.5 inch or even could be a 5.8 inch device which would put it in direct competition against Note 7. LG is also launching the V20 with a different feature with dual screen. They have fitted a small strip of screen which lets you see your notification, pause and play music or even launch the favorite applications from any screen you want.

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Performance vise, this will be a jackpot as the V20 is rumored to run on the Snapdragon 821 processor which is even better than the 820 processor. The RAM management will be a bit same as the V20 will be running on 4 GB of RAM but the best part about the V20 is that it will be running on Android 7.0 or Android Nougat which will make it the first non nexus device to run on Android 7.0.

Android 7.0 is a much better and improved Android version as it comes with split screen functionality as well as many other improvements, like, number blocking, even better Doze system, enhanced notifications and much more.


The prices are expected to climb high because of the improvements made in the V20 and also because it is company’s second flagship device of the year and also it falls in direct competition of the mighty Note 7. Only time will tell about the pricing of the V20 as LG is all set to show this device to the world in San Francisco on September 6th!

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