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Top 15 Best Android Weather Widgets For Your Android Home Screens

Android is indeed a great operating system for smartphones by any standard. What makes it more interesting is the sheer number of customization offers that it does offer you. One such essential and the interesting concept is the option to use Homescreen Widgets. Among a host of widgets we use on our Android devices, that forms part of a wider usage is Android weather widgets. Let us compile our top picks for the benefit of our readers in the following paragraphs.

Android Weather Widgets – The Best Way to Stay Updated with Accurate Weather Info

Widgets are the means to get an updated info on your Android Home Screen itself without the need to go into the app for any kind of information. They provide you an live update about weather, news, email and all that you are looking for. If you are looking for the beautiful Android weather widgets, this article should provide you a complete information on the best Android weather widgets for your needs.

#1. Weather Live

Weather Live is, by all means, one of the best ways to get all the info on weather. The widget is accurate enough. You can get an updated info no matter wherever you are.

Get the complete weather information at your location. You can choose the time of the day, or even get the forecast for the next seven days weather status. Apart from the local weather, the widget also lets you check it all over the globe at a glance. Apart from the typical weather info, you may be interested in, Weather Live also provides info on precipitation, humidity, and visibility right on your Home screen. One of the best features is the feels like option that it offers you.

#2. 1Weather

Brought to you by OneLouder Apps, 1Weather has been one of the most popular weather app and widget for Android. A complete package in itself, it brings you all the details you need with respect to weather in a simple and interesting package.

1Weather has been considered to be one of the most accurate weather widgets ever available for Android OS. The app provides you real-time updates along with a future forecast for next 10 days. The widget can also be configured to track your location so that it can provide you a location specific weather forecast. If you are in the US, you can get additional information about Hurricanes and storms.

#3. Accuweather

Accuweather has been around for a long time and has been the hot favorite with the Android users worldwide. It has been treated to be one of the most accurate weather information providers.

What makes it one of the prime options for checking your weather is the high amount of information contained within the widget. You have a lot packed into one single application. Some of the included information can be summed up as maps, charts, and even video forecasts. The RealFeel index that the Accuweather app includes in its paraphernalia lets you know how hot or cool it feels like rather than sharing info on what the reading on the thermometer says.

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WeatherBug is yet another network that is powered by professional weather stations. Be it in terms of looks, or the functionality – you will definitely love the weather app and its widget.

Apart from the minutest details about the weather around you and your neighborhood, the widget also features a traffic camera option to track traffic jams as well. The widget comes with a host of customization options, You can configure multiple locations so that you can continue to get updated weather information about all these locations. 18 weather maps and other additional features like radar, alerts for lightening and other advanced make it more feature packedAndroid weather forecast widget.

#5. Amber Weather

It can be considered to be one of the best Weather forecast providers for all your personal needs.It focusses mainly on the widgets rather than the app.

Yes, if you love widgets more than the apps, Amber Weather can be just meant for you. It changes the look of its widgets almost weekly. Apart from offering you the weather alerts on your smartphone home screen, you can also use the app and its widget to push the alerts to your Android Wear device. One of the added advantages is the widget also contains areas (referred to as hotspots) that you can tap on to get related info.

#6. NOAA Weather

NOAA Weather is the best source for any information on severe weather conditions in almost all major locations across the globe. It is an unofficial weather app that sources its information from National Weather Service and NOAA for its share of updates.

The weather widget provides you an updated information on mainland storms, cyclones, tornadoes or any other similar severe weather conditions. NOAA Weather has several options to check out hourly weather conditions, radar, and multi-location weather forecasts to name just a few of them. If you are constantly visiting the areas that are affected by severe weather conditions, this is your perfect app.

#7. GO Weather Forecast & Widgets

Go Weather is one of the most popular weather apps currently available. The app and the widget include all the basic requirements of the weather forecast and related aspects of weather.

It makes use of the data from Accuweather for providing information on the updates through its widget. The widget supports over 200,000 locations globally. It does come with several widgets priced separately. The basic widget is free to use, while if you spend $ 19.99, you will get all the widgets in one pack. The basic widget should cover almost all your requirements like forecasts, radar, current weather, wind, and severe weather alerts among others. If you are checking out weather widgets for Android free download options, Go Weather can be your prime choice.

#8. Weather Channel

Isn’t it the most preferred and reliable option for weather updates? Accurate and up to date weather information has been the key to the kind of success that Weather Channel has been able to get for itself.

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The widget offers you several time frames for the weather forecast that includes hourly, 36 hours and 10 days. Some of the informative tidbits on offer by the service include wind speed, humidity, UV index, visibility, dew point and pressure. The simple to use interface is one of the features we love the most. You may not get all the info on a single page, but still, the information contained within is indeed worthwhile.

#9. Yahoo Weather

If you are looking for a weather widget for Android home screen that feels fresh every time you have a look at it, we would suggest Yahoo Weather as your first preference. In fact, we would consider it as one of the best apps from Yahoo.

It changes the backgrounds for the weather widget through Flickr, and that is precisely what would make it more fresh looking. You can add up to 20 locations to the service making it the best choice for all your weather requirements. The widget packs in a whole lot information on it, but does not look cluttered. You can access the information you want through the notification status bar.

#10. Weather Underground

It is a complete weather widget for your Android smartphone. The app is best in terms of hyper local weather.

What makes it even more interesting is the fact that it offers you a detailed information related to health as well, along with the basic weather updates. UV risk, local flu outbreaks, and pollen alerts are some of the additional information provided by the ultimate weather widget. The free version has all the features, but with ads. If you do not want ads, you can opt for a yearly subscription. Weather underground widget for Android can be best your bet for a complete weather information.

#11. YoWindow

Making your weather watching pleasurable, that is precisely what YoWindow plans to do. The UI is quite showy and flashy, the content is not far behind either.

What makes it even more interesting is it presents an eye candy when it comes to its appearance. Yes, instead of the usual icons and images, it uses a cartoon-like interface to showcase the weather at your location. The widget also has a touch control gesture wherein you can slide your finger on the UI and get the weather info at any location.You can use the app with ads for free, or shell out $ 2.99 to get rid of the ads forever. The app is not great in terms of features if you compare it to the other apps, but yes – it covers all the basics. It is definitely one of the must-try weather widgets for Android phones.

#12.Weather Wiz

Weather Wiz is one of the latest entrants to the list of weather widgets for Android mobile. It offers you the basic functionality in terms of weather info. You get the information like forecast and local weather conditions.

The radar is one of the coolest among the most weather widgets we have reviewed. The weather widget is free to download and use, but if you want additional themes – you may need to opt for in-app purchases. You can check a 10-day weather forecast. The app sources its data from IBM weather. You can configure the app to track your location so that you will get an updated weather information wherever you go.

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#13. Google Assistant

Unusual as it may look like, but the virtual assistant from Google is a capable weather widget as well. Just ask Google to let you know of the weather around and it will promptly share the info with you.

It can provide you information on the local conditions, and the forecast alerts. Tap on the weather card and get all the information on the weather around you. You may not get all the information as you would on other weather apps. But if you want to get a quick check on the weather, this can be your best option. What makes it even better is it is free.

#14. Dark Sky

One more great weather app that fits among best weather widgets for Android phones, Dark Sky is a little out of place as some Android users claim. It was the first app that introduced subscription model among the weather widgets.

The first and foremost feature that gives it the due that it deserves is the minute by minute forecast it offers. It has one of the best radars we have seen with a host of Android weather widgets. You also have the option to go for the premium version if you want. In fact, the additional features would need you to opt for a subscription-based model. Moreover, the subscription model is of recurring nature, and you need to spend $ 2.99 per year. This is something that would make you averse to the idea.

#15. Weather Timeline

Though the weather widget works on a paid model, we would consider it as one of the best options. It offers you a set of wonderful widgets and awesome features coupled with a unique interface. It surely is the one of the best Android Weather Widgets you can find.

Like Google, it offers a news feed styled widget, and hence the name. You can make a choice among the five different weather service providers. You also have prompt notifications for the changes in weather conditions. It also provides you the detailed information in the form of visualization for the clouds and rains alike. It also offers interactive charts for precipitation, temperature, and pressure.

And Before We Sign out….

That is all we have for our top picks for the best Android Weather Widgets. We are sure that the cool weather widgets for Android featured in this compilation would meet your requirements in terms of functionality and usability. Have you used any of the widgets included in this list? If yes, you can share your experience with us. If you think there are any other Android weather widget  apps that should have made it to the list, do let us know through the comments here below. Your comments would mean a lot for us.

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