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WYD Meaning : What Does WYD Mean and How to Use it

WYD Meaning

Using text message short cuts have become popular these days and many people use various kinds of short cuts for messaging and texting their friends and family. The use of short cuts message typing has become popular since many years, almost 10 years back, and even before that. Earlier there was a time when people used such short cuts and now it has become well-known and many people from all around the world use such types of short cuts. The short cuts style of messaging is very popular among the younger generation, it can happen that old people have problems in understanding the shortcuts.

TTYL and F9 –

One of the most popular types of short cuts that has been used since the early times or say 12 years back is TTYL. TTYL is the short cut that is used for talk to you later. Somewhere such words including the words like TC for take care and others were used and that’s how the era of short cut text messages began to rise. Plus, this has become popular to such a extent that many people use many different kinds of words as short cuts. For example, for the word, ‘FINE’ people most commonly use the word ‘F9’.

Super Short Cuts for Words –

But now people don’t even use the word F for with 9, they will simply type 9 to say fine. There are many beautiful short cut words that are used, which have longer meaning or there are longer words which can be types in short cut and it can be used. Another commonly used word for laugh out loud, is LOL. Then there is again this word like, which has been used by people several times is ROFL, which means rolling on the floor laughing, to describe the funniest situations that people come across or a joke that people have heard or read on the phone. Some other such words which people mostly use in the western world is STFU which means shut the ‘swear word’ up.

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In Case You Miss a Message or Mail –

But such words are very uncommonly used especially if the conversation has been such kind. Another word, which is used is ICYMI which is most of the time used by people to refer like in case you missed it. Like if someone has sent you a text message and it got deleted or a mail that you missed checking then the other person can use the word, ICYMI. Another best message short cut that you can send if someone has sent you a long message and you are finding it hard to read because you don’t have time, then you can simply type TLMDR, which means too long message
didn’t read.

Short Cut for Let Me Know –

If you have asked something to someone and someone is taking a long time to respond, then you can simply type LMK. LMK means let me know. These are some super short-cuts that you can use when typing a message. Instead of typing the long and lengthy messages you can switch to these short cuts and get going. If someone has told you something for which he or she is sorry, then you can respond to their sorry in the best possible ways by typing NVM which means never mind. Some of the best ways of responding to your chums on holidays is TGIF, which means thank goodness or God its Friday and similarly you can also type TGIS also, for Sundays or Saturdays.

What Does WYD Mean –

Many people are there who have this question like what does wyd mean? In simple words, it means
what would you do or what do you do? Or it can also mean why you don’t. It can be used in either of these 3 contexts. Many times, it also happens that people who have get these kinds of messages like wyd don’t know how to respond to such messages. So, one of the best ways of responding is to send some GIF or other picture messages like a cup of coffee or others to keep continuing the conversation. This will not put you into an uncomfortable situation and you don’t have to worry about how to respond for a WYD. You can also respond to some situation where you are stuck and someone send you a wyd – which is what would you do- you can respond your plans.

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Rarely Used Words –

Then, many times it happens that people ask some such questions or views or opinions that require an honest answer. But typic is hectic, so you can also type TBH – in place of to be honest and followed with your reply like I don’t care and so on. Similarly, another common word which many people use is TBF- which means to be frank. But the fact is that, there are so many short cut words for messages, that in real people forget to use such. For example, not many people use the word TBH or TBF, because in every day life who will ask you such questions that you need to answer frankly and honestly. But still, these are some short cut words that you should remember.

Some Daily Use Words –

Besides all of these other common words which can be used in the form of short cut are as follows –
For example, you want to meet someone right now, so the simple words that you can use is MMRN,
which would mean meet me right now, or you can even use it as METMERN. If you have been using
METMERN very frequently with someone like your bf or gf, or spouse, then you can go super shortcut by messaging MMRN. Then, some other super short cut words are QOTD – i.e., Quote of the Day. You can even ask your bf or gf about their OOTD or OFTD which means outfit of the day. One of the most common sorts of words that is used is BRB which means be right back.

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Add-on Words –

Apart from all of that, some other common words that can be used rarely are as follows – FWIW: For what it’s worth, TBD: To be decided, HMU: Hit me up, IMHO: In my humble opinion, TBA: To be announced, IDK: I don’t know – which is a good reply to give someone. IMO: In my opinion

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