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Best Photoshop Tutorials of February 2016

Designers are truly in love with one of the best tool that helps make the best of their creative skills and get the desired results. In designing, its not just the creativity that works. Along with it, one needs to have a tool that helps them put their creative ideas down and work on it to come up with amazing designs.

Photoshop no matter how simple it sounds to work on but then at times leaves you wondering as to how you can proceed further. For the beginners too, its not easy to get well acquainted with it. Now for the matter of fact, it becomes easier for designers to learn more and more of Photoshop, its features and using which one will help you get the results they are expecting.

Photoshop tutorials that are written in simple and easy to understand format here helps a great deal. Each month, we come up with the listicles of the best Photoshop tutorials that we believe will be of help for all you designers out there.

Ready to sneak a peek at this month’s compilation of best Photoshop tutorials? Well, hit a jump and take a glimpse of some useful Photoshop tutorials of February 2016.

1. Create Cool Characters

Using Photoshop, you can create various cool characters that look realistic looking too. If you want to learn the same, head to the tutorial explained by Aekkarat Sumutchaya.

2. Making of ‘Storeroom’

One more tutorial explained by Aekkarat Sumutchaya that is easy to follow as this one is a Photoshop video tutorial.

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3. How to Turn an Ordinary Fish Bowl Into Something Fun

This Photoshop tutorial is fun to follow for sure. It will help you to create a fish bowl from scratch and later filled with various sea animals and make it look beautiful.

4. Photoshop tutorial: Turn a Portrait Photo into an Intriguing, Abstract Mosaic of Cubes

Fabio Sasso will explain in this Photoshop tutorial that how you can turn a portrait photo into an awesome looking abstract mosaic of cubes.

5. Create a Sci-Fi Chamber Photo Manipulation in Photoshop

PhotoshopTutorial.ws is one of the best website if you want to learn various photo manipulation techniques. This tutorial is no exception and help you learn to create a dark scene of the sci-fi chamber with a person coming from it in Photoshop.

6. Create An Emotional Photo Manipulation Of A Sad Angel In Photoshop

Playing with shadows and lightning, you can create below photo manipulation that feature an emotional angel sitting in the rain.

7. Create a Mystical Photo Manipulation of the Great Ragnarok in Photoshop

Do you love to create mystical and dark scenes. If yes, check this tutorial that you can find at PhotoshopTutorials.ws that will help you to master few interesting techniques such as image toning and sharpening.

8. How to Create a Simple Geometric Vector Deadpool in Adobe Photoshop

We are sure you love Deadpool movie and serious Ryan Renolds was just awesome. Want to create Deadpool fan art? Why not check the Photoshop tutorial by Monika Zagrobelna that will help you create simple geometric vector Deadpool character in a few minutes.

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9. How to Create a 3D Antique Metal Text Effect in Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop text tutorials are not that easy as it sounds. To create a beautiful text effect in Photoshop, you have to follow detailed tutorial and this one is no exception. This tutorial by Rose, will help you create a 3D antique metal text effect that too with ease.

10. How to Create a Rusted Metal Text Effect in Adobe Photoshop

Another awesome Photoshop text tutorial explained by Kirk Nelson that will help you to create metal text effect that looks rusty and vintage.

11. How to Fix Color Errors in Digital Painting With Adobe Photoshop

We have featured many Photoshop tutorials written by Melody Nieves in the past and here’s one more that will help you learn color painting in Adobe Photoshop.

12. How to Digitally Paint Faces With Incredible Likeness

Another useful tutorial by Melody Nieves that will help you master painting the faces in Adobe Photoshop using Digital Painting technique.

13. How to Create a Winter Landscape Photo Manipulation With Adobe Photoshop

You won’t see Photoshop photo manipulation tutorials on PSD.Tutsplus.com often, but when they publish, it sure is awesome. Find one Photoshop photo manipulation tutorial that will help you create a winter landscape scene using different stock images, masking and adjustment layers.

14. Create an Emotional Photo Manipulation in Photoshop

And one another photo manipulation tutorial that using different stock images will help you to create an emotional scene in Photoshop.

Have you worked on any Photoshop tutorial recently? If yes, let us know and we will help you spread the word and share best Photoshop tutorials with your fellow designers to get well versed with Photoshop.

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