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Best Illustrator Tutorials of February 2016

Undeniably, Adobe Illustrator is one cool tool that helps designers create superb illustrators which are just so visually appealing that they take the spectators by awe. Graphic designers have this difficult job to understand this cool tool well, thereby making optimum use of the features it comes endowed with.

Here useful Adobe Illustrator tutorials come into play. How? Well, these Illustrator tutorials are carefully prepared by the graphic designers to help their fellow designers in enjoying the ease of understanding the stepwise procedure and following the same to get the desired results.

On the monthly basis, we come up with the list of the recently prepared best Illustrator tutorials in the particular month to help all you graphic designers know the latest trend and what are people liking. Along with it, the main purpose is to help designers use the tool well and come up with the results they are expecting. Best Illustrator tutorials of January 2016 was our previous month’s article on the same topic and here we are with yet another compilation of the same. Check out the best Illustrator tutorials of February 2016 we have selected for you all.

1. Adobe Illustrator Tutorial: Create 3D Effects in Illustrator

Karan Singh in this tutorial will help you learn how to use Gradient tools, Glow Effects and other simple techniques create an awesome 3D effect vector artwork.

2. How to Use Image Trace to Create a Surreal Portrait in Adobe Illustrator

This tutorial will help you learn one of the important tool of Illustrator called as Image Trace or Live trace to create a beautiful surreal portrait along with the clouds.

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3. How to Create a Sleeping Cat on a Pile of Books and Indoor Plants in Adobe Illustrator

Do you love cat as a pet? If yes, this awesome Illustrator tutorial by Nataliya Dolotko is for you. In this tutorial, you will learn to create a cute sleeping cat on pile of books and indoor plants using brush and simple objects.

4. How to Create Delicious Toast Icons in Adobe Illustrator

I just love butter toast in breakfast, what about you? Well, this Illustrator tutorial will help you create butter on toast, egg on toast and banana of toast vector easily.

5. How to Create a Character Kit in Adobe Illustrator

How about creating a character kit in Illustrator that will help you create as many characters you want using different combinations each time? This tutorial written by Nataliya Dolotko will help you do so.

6. Create A Mouthwatering Chocolate Covered Strawberry

This tutorial will not only help you to create a chocolate covered strawberry in Adobe Illustrator, but also helps you learn creating logos and illustrations using the same steps.

7. Create a Toothpaste Text Effect in Adobe Illustrator

Using a pattern brush, this tutorial will help you to create a toothpaste text effect that will not only help you to master new techniques but reminds you to brush your teeth every morning.

8. How to Create a Vector Map Infographic in Adobe Illustrator

This tutorial is written by Andrei Marius that explains designers to create a simple vector map that you can later use in your infographic designs.

9. How to Create a 3D Pie Chart Design in Adobe Illustrator

In the above one, you learned to create a simple vector map that you can use as an infographic element. This tutorial by Andrei Marius again will help you to create 3D pie chart design: another element for your future infographic design.

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10. How to Design a Retro Poster in Adobe Illustrator

In this Illustrator tutorial, Janie Kliever will explain you how you can create a retro poster having kettle and coffee cup using Pen, Pencil and Pathfinder tools.

11. How to Create a Greyscale Monochrome Vector Portrait in Adobe Illustrator

Creating greyscale vector portrait in Adobe Illustrator is an art and awesome too at the same time. Don’t believe us, follow the tutorial written by Sharon Milne.

Have more to add to the list of our best Illustrator tutorials? Leave your comments to let us know. Also, whatever you have in mind regarding these Adobe Illustrator Tutorials, have your say.

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