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Best jQuery Plugins of the Week [16h January – 23rd January]

Its weekend and as you all know at ThePixelPedia weekend holds a special place as we publish the articles full of resourceful data. Plugins to talk about ever since their evolution have been holding a special place in the professional life of designers and developers.

The jQuery plugins are being developed with the aim to help users enjoy the ease at the work sphere where implying the best suited ones helps them cut down the efforts and time they otherwise have to invest to get the desired results.

Here is our this week’s compilation of the best jQuery plugins that our designer friends have rolled out just recently to add to the long queue of the same. Take a look at them and pick one(s) for yourself.

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1. jRCarousel

Endowed with super cool features jQuery Responsive Carousel by Vinayak Rangnathrao Jadhav is a jQuery plugin for responsive carousel with modern effects and multiple options.


Demo | Download

2. Zebra_Transform

Zebra_TransForm is one tiny jQuery plugin that helps in replacing checkboxes, radio buttons and select boxes.



3. Zebra_Datepicker

Zebra_Datepicker is a super-lightweight, highly configurable, cross-browser date picker jQuery plugin.


Demo | Download

4. xModal

xModal is a jQuery plugin that comes with lot’s of common options. Besides, it can easily be used in conjunction with the amazing magic css animation library to apply those effects if you like.

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Demo | Download

5. lobibox

Responsive jQuery notification plugin written from scratch. The plugin is divided into two parts viz. messageboxes, notifications.


Demo | Download

6. Valida

Valida is a jQuery plugin that provides an easy, fast and lightweight way of making form validations on client-side.


Demo | Download

7. jquery-loading

Easily add and manipulate loading states of any element on the page with the cool plugin named Loading.


Demo | Download

Have more to add to the list? If you wish to share the plugins developer by you or your fellow developers which you believe can be of help to our readers, share it with us all. We will add the same in our upcoming compilations of the same.

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