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Top 30+ Best Printable Cool Brochure Templates & Designs

Brochures form an integral part of any marketing. Most of the companies or their advertising consultants depend upon Microsoft Office ( Microsoft PowerPoint, to be more precise) and Google Docs for creating brochures. No matter what kind information your brochure may contain, it will not catch the attention of your would be consumers if it is not attractive enough. Using the professionally designed templates can be a great way to creating awesome brochures. Let us find some best Brochure Templates here in this post.

Why do we need Brochure Templates?

Well, for the simple reason that your brochures need to look attractive, and professional. Using the professional templates will definitely help you achieve that goal.
As we stated before, your brochure needs to have the best of both worlds – the content and the design. Content is what you can take care of. The looks are what you can get with the aid of professional brochure templates. You should remember that brochures play an important role in making your business a successful venture. They help your consumers make their purchase decisions effectively.

#1. 48 Page Brochure template

48 page brochure templates
If you are working on preparing brochures for corporate, real estate, properties like hotels – this template can be a perfect choice for you.
The downloadable file consists of vector assets and character/paragraph styles. The template is designed by RWDesignStudio. The downloaded content includes Help File.
The template is available on Graphicriver.net and you can find it at this link. 48 Page Brochure is priced at $ 19 for regular use and $ 950 for an extended usage.

#2. A5 InDesign Brochure template


The brochure template offers you a modern and cleaner look. The A5 Brochure template has been considered to be the most beautiful brochure template.
The template is best suited for your requirement when you want to provide high-end catchy images for your browsers. The template is highly customizable. And that would make it a perfect choice for any kind of business. You do not need to have any extra knowledge to be able to use it. The tool supports three Adobe software and Microsoft Word and your working knowledge in any of these would be enough.
You can access this template on GraphicRiver. The brochure is available at $ 15 and $ 500 for regular and extended use.

#3. Product Brochure


If you are a fashion designer, here is the best brochure template for you. The brochure can suit any profession, though it is a good choice for the fashion designers.
The USP of this template is that it is free to download and use. A 17-page brochure can be your best bet if you want to showcase your artistic collection to the world. However, even if you are not into fashion or related field of interest, you can use this template for any other purpose as well. High degree of adaptability is one of the features that makes it a great choice.
You can find this template on Pixeden.

#4. E-commerce Infographic brochure

The 24-page booklet template offers a unique style of its own. It is best suited for any e-commerce data visualization.
As they say, pictures speak more than the words. Infographics play an important role in conveying the thoughts in a better way. High degree of customizability what makes it an option to go with. The template comes with highly organized vector layers.The graphics can be resized and customised to suit any of your requirements.
You can get this brochure template at $ 14 for regular use and $ 700 for an extended use. The template is hosted on GaphicRiver.

#5. Photography Template

As the name itself should indicate, the brochure is for showcasing your photography talent. The design is best suited to include quite a good number of photos.
You can use one of your masterpieces for the cover page. The rest of the pages can contain the studio, the ambiance and other photos that you can cherish.The template tends to give out a sense of professionalism to your achievements as a photographer. Though the template is aimed mainly at the photographers, it can be customised to meet the needs of the other professions as well.
The template is hosted on inkd, who is a well-known graphic designer template trader. The Photography template is priced at $ 75.

#6. Juniper

Juniper is a good trifold brochure template. If you are looking to create a brochure for an event, photography, and fashion, we would recommend Juniper to you.
The brochure template comes with six panels that can be completely customised. It does not use any bleeds and thus makes your printing quite economical. The template is entirely print ready. Just replace the text and the colors to meet your requirements and you are done. The template can be for multiple purposes and thus can be a good choice for any of your needs. The more creative you are, the much better experience you will have with Juniper.
Lay your hands on Juniper on Creativemarket. Juniper costs you $ 15 for a standard license, while the extended license will need you pay $ 150.

#7. Clean Trifold Brochure Template

Yet another beautiful brochure template available on GraphicRiver, Clean Trifold Brochure Template offers you two color options in one file. It is one of the highly customisable brochure templates you can use.
The flexibility that the template provides you can be treated as the USP of this tri-fold offering. The template is designed by kinzi21. It has smartly layered components that offer you a high degree of customisation. If you are impressed, you can opt for it on GraphicRiver.
The template is available at $ 9 for the regular license and $ 450 for the extended usage.

#8. TriFold Restaurant Brochure Template

We do not think this template needs any further introduction. The template can be used to create professional quality brochures and menu cards for your food business.
The template has a combination of brown and beige color design. The image shapes are provided with brush framed design. The menu sections on the browser are represented by brushed headings. The template contains blank layers for inserting your images. The template also comes with a logo representation so that you can replace it with your own logo.
The template is available at this link on GraphicRiver. You will need to pay $ 6 for a regular use, while the price for extended use is $ $ 300.

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#9. Flat design template

Flat design has always been a popular concept in brochure designing. Continuing the trend, Blog Sizzle offers you this free brochure template in this popular genre.
The template has a simple design. It incorporates a superhero character. This should go a long way promote your business and offer a rousing welcome to any of your clients.
You can check the template out Blog Sizzle. As we stated before, the template is free.

#10. Funeral Program Brochure Template

Death is an inevitability, and so is the funeral. GraphicRiver presents you a great brochure template that can help you use it for the keepsake.
This bi-fold brochure template comes ready to print. It has all the layers and text editable. The template comes with all the background images included within. You will just need to add the images of the person. It comes with all bleed lines and markings for foldings.
You can access the template on GraphicRiver. It is priced at $ 7 for a regular license and $ 350 for an extended usage.

#11. Swiss Proposal Template

Designed by RWDesignStudio, the template is best suited for quotations and proposals. Just change the colors and add in your text and images – that does it to create an elegant proposal brochure.
The template comes with color swatches so that you can edit the color on the whole document. The proposals created using the template will attract your clients with the unique character and paragraph styles. This is an A4 template that is compatible with InDesign CS5+.
Get to know more about it at this link on GraphicRiver. You can try it out at $ 13 for regular usage, or opt for extended usage at $ 650.

#12. Selected Template

This is a portfolio template that can be used to promote the work accomplished by you or your brand.The template comes in a print ready format.
It is quite simple to create your own portfolio with ease with the template. The catalogs comes with placeholder text and images. You just need to replace them with your own. The high-end in design template comes with as 24-page format. If you are web designer, or a graphic designer – this can be a perfect option to showcase your selected work.
You can have a look at the template on GraphicRiver. The pricing is $ 20 for regular use and $ 1000 for extended usage.

#13.Real Estate Brochure Template

A professionally prepared brochure template can be sale booster for your sites. The Real Estate Brochure template on Graphic River is what lets you excel with your brochures.
Designed by grafilker, who is a well-known name in the brochure designing, the template has a fully layered INDD. The template is entirely print-ready and editable. The images contained in the template are vector based, and thus can be easily customised.
Get it from GraphicRiver. It will cost you $ 10 if you prefer a regular license. You can opt for the extended one for $ 500.

#14. Medical Brochure Template

The template is quite clean and best suited for the professions like medical, dental, clinic etc. It is compatible with A4 size sheets.
The template comes with a 16-page layout. You have access to a grid based layout. The brochure template comes with a help file included within the downloaded document. The InDesign template provides you a professional touch to your brochures. The template has a clean design that suits the medical profession.
The brochure can be checked out at this link on GraphicRiver. It has been priced at $ 14 for regular usage and $ 700 for extended usage.

#15. Funky Brochure Template

The brochure template uses a funny approach in describing your products. You can use it to detail your products and services.
The Funky brochure is A4 sized and comes with InDesign template layout. You can change the colors to suit your requirements. The images included in the preview file are for representation. You can insert your own images and text to personalise the brochure.
The template is available on GraphicRiver. You can get it at $ 9 for regular usage and $ 450 for extended use.

#16. Multicorp Brochure Template

Multicorp brochure – as the name itself indicates is meant for multi-purpose corporate brochures. You can opt for either dark or light cover options.
The brochure template is both modern and cleaner. There are four cover options. The template also consists of tables that can be edited to suit your requirements. You will get free fonts. Multicorp Brochure template uses separate layers for images, text, and background. The brochure template can be used with CS4, CS5, CS5.5 & CS6.
You can get more information and previews at this link on GraphicRiver. You can get it at $ 17 and $ 850 for regular usage and extended usage respectively.

#17. Brochure Template – InDesign

If you are looking for a professional corporate and business brochure for your requirements, this is a perfect choice. The template is completely customisable and ready to print.
You can change practically any layer and edit them. Any of the components can be changed – be it fonts, styles, scale or size – to suit your needs. The template would suit any kind of industry. The color theme of the template suits the corporate culture along with a clean font style. This should, in fact, go a long way in promoting your business.
Visit GraphicRiver for further information and downloads. It would cost you $ 12 for the regular use and $ 600 for an extended usage.

#18. Interiors Brochure

This is yet another brochure template available on graphicRiver and it works best for interior design catalogs, product catalogs, and other design portfolios.
The 24-page template is quite minimalistic in its approach. The brochure template is completely customisable and offers you complete freedom in adding your own images and text. The A4 template supports InDesign CS5+. You have access to color swatches for helping you out with color editing throughout the document.
The template is designed by RWDesignStudio. If you want to know more about this template visit
this link. You can access the template at $ 19 and $ 950 for the regular and extended license respectively.

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#19. Creative Resume Template

If you are someone who wants to impress the would-be employers, we would wish to welcome you to the best in class resume template. The template has been made available in three color options of Black, Grey and White.
The A4 sized brochure also supports Indesign (CS5) & Illustrator. There is a provision for color swatch palette for adjusting color. The template has infographics layers. This can be an impressive tool to improve your resume as visuals speak more than the words.
GraphicRiver is offering you the template at $ 6 for regular use. If you want to opt for extended usage, you can do so by spending $ 300.

#20. BrandBook

Yet another great brochure template developed by RWDesignStudio, this should help you in building your brand in an effective way. It should help you a long way in creating a bond between you and your clients.
With support for InDesign CS5+ template format, the BrandBook template is workable with A4 and A5 sizes. You can choose either a dark version or the lighter one depending upon your preferences. The template comes with brand assets and logos. There is also support for color swatches for editing the color options across the complete document.
The images in the preview files are only for representation. The downloaded file will not contain any images. You can add your own images and text. The images, text, and background are arranged in separate layers. This will go a long way in customising your brochures in whatever way you would want to.
BarndBook is yet another brochure template brought to you by GraphicRiver. You can get at $ 18 and $ 900 for regular and extended use in that order.

#21.Highlight Brochure Template

This can be a perfect choice for the people working on graphic design portfolios. The template is A4 sized and has support for InDesign format.
This is one more template that has been designed by RWDesignStudio. That should go a long way in letting us understand the popularity and expertise that the designer enjoys. The Highlight Brochure Template is compatible with CS4, CS5 & CS6. If you find yourself lost while setting it up and customising it to make it more personal, you need not worry. The template comes with a help file included.
The images, text, and background are available in separate layers, thereby making it more easy to customise. There is also a provision for color swatches so that you can edit color profiles. The brochure template is available on GraphicRiver. It will cost you $ 19 for regular usage and $ 950 for extended usage.

#22. Clean Book & Brochure Template

This template is again made available on GraphicRiver, which incidentally a good source for premium brochure templates. Cleaner design is what makes it a great option for your needs.
The brochure template can be the best option for any kind of content you would want to work on. You can add as many pages as you can. The template comes with three different color schemes to work with. All the master pages are completely editable.
The page numbers would be numbered automatically. If you are into non-fictional books and such brochures, the Clean Book brochure template can be the perfect one for you. The template works with A5 format. The template is print ready and entirely customisable.
The template is available on this link. The template will cost you $ 4 and $ 200 respectively for regular and extended usage.

#23.Green Energy Brochure Template

The brochure template is developed by grafilker. The template is best suited for those who are looking for green flyover templates.
The brochure template may be a good option for the nurseries, environment-friendly companies, and several corporates who love going greener way. There are several other entities like real estate developers and gardening committees that tend to prefer green channel for their brochures.
The template is fully layered with INDD. The template contains images in the vector format. That would make it a perfect for customisation. The brochure template is editable and print ready in every essence. You can check it out on GraphicRiver. The regular license will cost you $ 9 and extended license is available at $ 450.

#24. Social Media Print Template Packages

This is one of the popular print templates. This can be a great choice for the social media print campaign that you may undertake for any cause.
The brochure template is available in Tri Fold format. It can be used for Advertisement flyovers, DVD labels or Business cards. If you are into advertisement, you can use the template in the landscape format. The template is completely organized and highly customisable. The text and layout are completely editable.
You can gather more information about the template on GraphicRiver. You need to pay $ 12 and $ 600 for a regular and extended license.

#25. Brochure template for Indesign


The 20-page brochure template can be considered to be a great option for professional and cleaner business brochure. The template is completely print ready. You just need to add your custom images and text and you are done.
You can use this template for multiple purposes. Use it either for promoting your business, or service. It can be used for presenting a new product as well.You can create and delete as many pages as you want to. The template provides the options for three different cover variations. The template can also be used as an online brochure or as an email attachment. You can replace the logo as well.
If you want to know more about the template, visit the link here. You can get it at $ 14 for regular and $ 800 for extended usage license.

#26. Spa Center Brochure Template


As the name itself is an indicator, this brochure template is meant to be used for wellness centers. The template uses a minimalistic approach and thus can be considered to be one of the good options for a clean advertising.
The text and other details are easy to handle. The template contains the document guide for your requirements. If you are into hair treatment and massage among others, this template can be the excellent option for you. The template comes with modern looks and minimal design.
The template can be found at this link on GraphicRiver. The template is priced at $ 9 for regular usage and $ 450 for extended usage.

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#27. Professional Corporate Brochure Template

No matter whether you are into business related service, or a project related service – this template can be a perfect choice for all your corporate requirements.
The template is available in a 16-page format. It uses an A4 international size. You need to have Adobe Indesign CS3 or later to be able to use this template. The template is developed by antyalias, who has quite a few designs to their credit.
If you are interested, just visit GraphicRiver for more information. You can get it at $ 15 and $ 750 for regular and extended usage in that order.

#28. Annual Report II

The template is the best option providing their annual reports. The brochure is completely ready to print. Just change the text and images and you are done.
The annual report provides you a 48-page high-end brochure. The A4 sized template supports InDesign format. It comes with vector assets, thereby making it highly customisable. The template offers you different table styles. The Annual Report brochure template is compatible with CS4, CS5 & CS6. The placeholders for images comes included with the downloaded file. The download comes with help files so that you do not get confused with the setup process. The images, text and other items are placed on separate layers and that would make it highly editable.
You can get more information about the template GraphicRiver. The template is priced a little expensive at $ 22 and $ 1100 for regular and extended usages.

#29.Email Marketing Brochure Template


This template works great for all your email marketing requirements. The Email marketing flyer is perfectly customizable and quickly editable.
The brochure template offers you a clean looking web brochure. If you are a web designer, or into SEO – it can be the best template for your requirements. The brochure template is totally print ready. You do not need to do anything else except inserting your own images and text.
You can customise the entire document if needed. There are labeled and ordered layouts for color. fonts and complete layout. That would make it easily customisable. The template consists of Smart Object layer that would help you replace background pictures. The template can be previewed at the product page on GraphicRiver. The regular license is priced at $ 9 while the extended license costs you $ 450.

#30. Website Design Brochure Template

The Website Design Brochure Template can be an excellent way of promoting your website. The template is designed by LeafLove. It would be worth mentioning that the author has a good performance when it comes to designing and has earned a name on Envato Market.
The brochure template has the 16-page layout. It does support InDesign format. The template uses free fonts. You can use it with CS4. 5 and 6. You can use it for a host of applications. Made of fully editable Adobe format. The brochure template is available on GraphicRiver. You are charged at $ 12 for a regular license and $ 600 for an extended license.

#31.Business Brochure Template

Another brochure template that can work wonders for your business is available on GraphicRiver. You get a modern design with this template.
The brochure template comes with a 100 percent editable options. It is designed on Adobe InDesign and illustator. The template is entirely customisable. The template is quite photo ready. If you want to gather more information with respect to this template, you can visit GraphicRiver Product Page. The brochure template is priced at $ 10 and $ 500 respectively for regular and extended use.

#32. Fashion Lookbook

If you are a designer who works on cookbooks or other luxury fashion books, Fashion Lookbook is the best brochure template for your needs. This can also be used for magazines.
The A4 sized template does support the CS5+ format. It also comes with color swatches for easy editing of color. Images, text, and background are on different layers, and thus can be easily edited separately. Fashion Lookbook brochure template offers you a 36-page option.
You can go for more information at this link on GraphicRiver. The pricing of this template is $ 11 and $ 550 for regular and extended licenses respectively.

#33. Portfolio Brochure Template

The easy to customise brochure template is designed by adekfotografia. This template helps you create specific catalogs.
The Portfolio Brochure Template comes with a minimalistic approach. The 24-page template lets you edit all the components. The product is compatible with CS 3,4 and 6. The A4 sized product supports InDesign format. The template is ready to print – just change the text and images and get ready to print your brochures in just under 15 minutes!
The multipurpose brochure can be used Model Portfolio, Photo Sessions, Wedding Albums, Travel Photo Album and fashion catalogs are some of the applications that the template can be used for. You can find more about it on the product page on GraphicRiver. The brochure will cost you $ 24 for the regular license, while it costs you $ 450 for extended usage.

The Final Thoughts

That is our list of best in class brochure templates. We assume that the templates featured above will fulfill the requirements of all our readers effectively. We have listed the templates that would serve different industries and genres. Brochures, and attractive at that, are the best means of achieving a great deal of attracting clients and customers.
Before choosing a template, make sure that it suits your business requirements. Check out the fonts, photos and color profiles and use them judiciously. We have listed the above brochure templates based on the individual requirements.
Have you used any of the above templates? If yes, do share your opinions with us about your experience with them. If you have any other favourite brochure templates, we will welcome you to share them with us.

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