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12 Creative Annual Report Designs of Year 2015

If you are in business you know how difficult it is to handle everything on your own. Of course, there is no hard and fast rule to be one person army. You can anyway take help from your peer group or hire people to get some work done. Design, we all know is one visual representation of things that makes them lively and all the more cool.

All you businessmen or the ones who run their company I am sure don’t believe in taking anything lightly. Even if you are your own boss, you know well the importance of annual reports, keeping a quality check and seeing if you have achieved your targets or not.

Coming to the topic of the day, today we decided to list down some of the really amazing creative annual report designs for you all to check and use to get your reports. Yes, you heard that right! I am talking about the creative annual report designs. Firstly, these will serve as the base as in you will not have to work hard from the scratch to create your annual report card and secondly, these will serve as a good dose of inspiration for those who are working on similar design projects.

Sneak a peek at the super creative annual report card designs of the year 2015 that we have hand-picked for you all and put all in one place. Enjoy the joyride!

1. Mailchimp

First one is from one of the most loving company that affiliate and email marketers loved, MailChimp. Look at the design and you will be amazed to see the vibrant annual design report from MailChimp.

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2. Intellect Design

It seems like more and more annual reports are becoming online these days. Here’s one more annual web report that looks sophisticated and provided all the valuable information.

3. Britannia Annual Report

Annual report design of Britannia reflects the company’s work with chocolate color cover page and use of vintage elements and fonts shows that company is very old in the business.

4. Seeing Machines 2015 Annual Report

An honest and optimistic annual report design of Seeing Machines that is based on company’s sentiments in the last financial year.

5. New Zealand Red Cross Annual Report 2015

A different design approach by Lauren Maree Stewart when compared to previous years’ annual reports makes it classy and beautiful.

6. Podravka Annual Report

Designed by Helena Nemec, this one is a beautiful annual report for Podravka in which Croatian heritage and company’s tradition is reflecting.

7. Neenah 2016 Annual Report

In earlier times, we have seen annual reports to be dull and boring, but Ham Hes took a different approach while designing an annual report for a paper company – Neenah. This one is colorful and fun filled annual report design that looks awesome.

8. Knight Frank – Global Cities 2016

Designed by TheDesignSurgery, this one is Knight Frank’s Global Cities report that is guided to the future of Global real estate in 2016. The report is designed in such a way that it keeps the brand aesthetic with data visualization, engaging analysis and beautiful photographs.

9. Knight Frank – Skyscrapers Report 2015

This one is again designed by TheDesignSurgery for Knight Frank and it is supplemented publication to the above Knight Frank – Global Cities Annual Report.

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10. Partners in Health Annual Report Design

Designed by Mel Rico, this creative annual report design is for Partners in Health that will grab the attention in the first look.

11. Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Annual Report

Designed by Rachel Bachmeier, check out this minimal annual report design for a company that made handmade chocolates.

12. Renovation Church Annual Report

Never knew that Church has annual reports too. Check out this annual report design for a Church designed by Jordan Alessi.

So, what’s the wait for, check all these creative annual report designs of year 2015, enjoy the inspiration these provide. Personally, I loved them all. What’s your take on these? Let us know!

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