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61+ Sets Of Best Free Icons Collections

Everyone loves free, and free icons are not only good because they come with the benefit of no cost, but they are even attractive and creative. They are noteworthy and many people have already downloaded them, mentioned below are the free icons one can download for free and give a creative touch to their work.

1. 1001 Free Downloads


One can download free icons from here, this serves different icons which one can download for free and add a unique touch to their presentation or work. This has about millions of downloads already and people are loving it.

2. 350 Pixel Icons

This has about 350 different pixel perfect icons, they are just the best for applications, websites and other work of whatever you can think of. They are absolutely free for both the personal and commercial use. But one has to download it directly instead of forwarding the icon set to the third party.

3. 44 Shades Of Free Icon

Having a variety of icons in bucket could be the best, 44 shades of free icon serves the same purpose. Having these icons one can just simply add creativeness and attractiveness to their work, presentations and other things. One can download this for their personal use without paying any cost.

4. 48 Flat Designer Icons

focusing on simplicity, 48 flat designer icons are doing extremely good. They have sets of 48 icons divided into office, social and travel icons. And these fabulous icons are designed in three complimentary styles, which are fully scalable and add a touch of flat design to any of the website.

5. Alien Valley Icon

A very clean and social pack of icon, which is the best for professional social media work. This also allows both the PC and MAC users to enjoy and apply the icons to the files they need. They are not only creative but are also doing extremely well.

6. All Free Download

Just as the name suggest the icons here are mostly in circular shape and are free for personal use. One can download them and run even on the IOS, windows and Apple phones. So they are doing incredibly good as they look funky and attractive both. And as they are free they are worth a try.

7. Behance Icons

Some of the behance icons are free while some are paid, many people are liking and have downloaded this icons for lighting up their thing for different projects, files and presentations. These icons are quite and are value adding ones.

8. Best PSD Icons

Jumbo and flat icons which are creative and look best, they even have a premium set of icons which they can get for free. The icons they have are serving different purposes and are doing incredibly good. One can give their premium version of icons a shot to experience their creativity effect.

9. Blugraphic Icons

Having vector free blugraphic where the icons are having an outlook which is quite professional. One can download miscellaneous icons from here for free. They have a large variety of icons serving almost all the purposes of presentations and other works.

10) Captain Icon

Having a different variety of icon, one can simply get access to these capitan icons which have are very creative and attractive for social media presentations. All the icons here are free for download and personal use and are scalable and fully customizable from size to color through shapes and much more.

11. Chunky Pika Icon Set

This is specially designed by the dutch designers, they have a lot of innovative designs and one can download these smashing icons for free, these icons look attractive and since designed by professionals they stand out in the entire presentation and other work.

12. Creative Tail Icon

One can grab a set of cool and creative icons from here for free, having these icons one can get a feel of hand crafted pixel perfect icons. These are very shiny and look awesome. They have variety of subjective icons as well, serving different purposes one can download them and kick start innovative work.

13. CSS Author Icon

CSS author icon are the best when it comes to creative. Icons Here are available for different purposes and one can download them without any hassle. Though some of the premium icons are not free of cost one can get these for cheaper rates. The icons are worth the minimal price.

14. Dafont Icon

designed particularly for designing websites and other web applications dafont is the best icon. If you are looking up for professional outlook icons then you should download it from here. They give a very innovative and fresh look to the websites using this icon.

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15. Design Beep Icons

If you are looking out for some really creative and artistic design icons then this is the perfect place. Some of the icons are free for trail, while one has to pay nominal charges for the paid version of the icons. They give a fine touch to the work and the websites where these icons are used.

16. Deviant Art Icon

Deviant art icons have a variety of icons like windows, dock icons, OS icons and Mac OS icons. These are the best icons in large number of variety serving different purposes. The premium version of these icons is paid while you can still use their free version for personal use only. They are restricted to permission for commercial use.

17) Dream Tale Design

dream tale design enables a user to explore some really good graphics and designs. They are innovative and quite imaginary designs, one can get these easily as they have free versions of icons. These dream tale designs are doing extremely well as many people have already downloaded them and are using.

18. Dribbble Icons

The name itself is quite explanatory, that they are in the sport form. They offer free victor icons and are used by many people all over the social media. For commercial use one has to buy these icons and one can get free dribble logo.

19. Dryicons

Having a large variety of icons which is about 5000 icons, they are doing incredibly great and many people have already been downloading them and using them. They have about 77 sets of icons catering and serving different purposes. Dryicons are the best when it comes to using them for professional use as they have a creative touch.

20. Duck Files Icons

Are you looking for some cartoonish and duckish icons? Well if you were in search of them then the search gets over here. They have even education set of icons and are having a huge variety of about 45 thousand icons for one to choose the best one and download it for their use. These icons are freebies and are best for personal use.

21. Ego Icons

Having a variety of vector icons for free, ego icons are very prominent and well known among graphic designers. These icons are very explicit and are used by professionals for commercial uses. One can download few of them for free.

22. Eldorado Icons


Eldorado icons are absolutely free for the both commercial as well as non commercial purpose. These icons are quite creative and attractive so they already have a million of downloads. The premium versions of these icons are also free and are good for one’s presentation and other art related work.

23. Endless Icon


endless icons are the best, it is a project build by min kim who runs email gallery and endless photos. They have a collection of flat and very creative and artistic icons. They are absolutely free for personal use and one can simply download them.

24. Entypo Icons

Entypo icons are available for free of cost, so one can download them for both commercial as well as personal use. The art work behind these icons is done by Daniel Bruce. They are extremely good and are doing great among the users, as they have n number of downloads already.

25. Evil Icons

A very artistic and scary touch icon, this is especially to give horror effects. The evil icon has a very simple and clean SVG icon pack. They are absolutely free of cost and are generally used for personal use only.

26. Find Icons

serving a large variety of icons they have absolutely been one of the best freely available icons. 6757 free icons are available here for commercial as well as personal use. So find icons are the best place to choose icons from a big bucket.

27. Flat Icons

one of the best icons, flat icons are very professional ones. Flat icons have about 2500 royalty free icons and so one can simply use them without any payment. These icons are more used for commercial purpose and for presentations and other things.

28. Font Awesome Icon

font awesome icon, in case if you are looking for some shiny 41 different icons then this is the best place. The creativity and artistic fonts are doing pretty great and already have million of downloads as they are absolutely free for download and the premium version of it has minimal cost.

29. Fontello Icon


Fontella icon is build particularly custom font with icons, one can use these icons for their personal projects and they have some really professional outlook giving the work a final touch. These are worth a try icons.

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30. Free 32 x Icon Set

One can get free vector icons from here for free and they have unique outlook. These icons have a large variety suiting for every presentation and other work. They are doing incredibly good and are one of the best you can download and use for different purposes.

31. Free Furry Cushion Social Icon

one of the most transparent and unique icons which gives a good touch to the icons are designed by Andrea. This is the best for social media platforms as you can get a funky touch to your work. These are free for personal use.

32. Free Goodies For Designers

Moving on towards one of the best icon provider. These are similar to professionally designer icons and are absolutely free. These designers’ icons already have million of download and one can even download their premium version of icons for absolutely no cost.

33. Free UXPin Icon Set

Having an icon set which are especially designed for web and user interface. They offer very innovative icons which one can use for their professional presentations and work. They have 40 sets of icon for absolutely no cost, the premium version of this is paid.


If one wants to download icons which are just the best in comparison to all other sets then this is the best. And the best part of this is that they are free for both the commercial and personal use, they have more than a million of free vector icons.

35) Fribly Icon

Another best set of free icons used mainly for environmental purposes, these icons are already having millions of download as they are absolutely free for personal and commercial use.

36. Fusion Plate Icon


Having a variety of icons is always a great option and working on this principle fusion plate icon has worked on different icons and served the purpose. They have around 40 set of hexagonal long shadow social media icons which are free for personal and commercial use both.

37. Good Stuff No Nonsense Icon

The icon sets offered here are having no attributes attached and are absolutely free for professional, commercial and personal use. They have some really cool and funky icons having millions of download as they are not chargeable. One can just download these exceptionally excellent icons.

38. Graphic Burger Icon

Someone who is offering around 80 sets of icons which are very innovative and artistic. They are more into cool icons they have about 20 sets of icons catering into two particular styles to make the users work look more creative. They are free for download.

39. Graphic Bay Icon


The newest type of water icons which are loved by many are the best icons. They have some beautiful and attractive icons. One can simply use them for their graphic projects and websites which will look presentable with these icons.

40. Graphic Fuel Icons

graphic fuel icon are worth a try icon, they are very innovative and are fine-looking. These sets of icons are about 268 vector icons and around 55 handcrafted icons for free. So you can use them anytime for your personal use and presentations and other works.

41. Icomoon Icon App


Use of vector graphics for free is the best, one can download quite a variety of icons from here. They are exceptionally too good and have standard format icons which you can surf and choose the ones you want

42. Icon Archive


This place serves one of the largest variety of icons, about 5 lakh and 90 thousand icons are been served here. They are free of cost as well. So you can surf a lot of icons and choose the best one you want to. These icons are very striking and worth a try.

43. Icon Finder


Having a variety of about 1525000 icons they are too good. They have the world’s largest icons options. You can browse them even on mobile applications they are catering you to different purposes already because of their large variety and are the best to use.

44. Icon Melon


Looking for some really interesting set of icons? Then you can search here. Serving a good variety of icons they are giving away a very creative and attractive look to the work and presentations.

45. Icons 8

Browsing about 38 thousand large variety of icons, they are having a real good variety of icons giving a professional look. These icons are the best for presentations and other official works. You can download them free and the USP of this icon sets is that every icon is styled into 5 different styles making it look very appealing.

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46. Material Icon By Google


material icon by Google is the best, having beautifully crafted and delightful sets of icons they are already been loved by many people. For downloading this you have to create an account on Jit hub.

47. Metrize Icon


Metrize icon, having about 300 different icons by the designers and developers. These icons are designed by Alessio Atzeni. Since they are designed by professionals they are the best for websites and other artistic work going on the internet.

48. Mini Icons

Designed like miniature roughly designed transformers. These are the best If you want human figure experiences in the work. Having their free trial version for download you can give an artistic touch to your work.

49. Modern pictograms


These icons are having already a million of downloads and are free for font family; they have about 264 icons serving the purpose of serving both the professional and commercial use. One can download them for absolutely no cost, this is an advantage of having about variety of free icons.

50. Mono Icons


Having a huge set of minimal icons, one download them for free for personal use. They about 108 mono icons which you can use. They are very innovative and attractive.



This is one of the most unique set of icon which one can use, they are amino icons which are loved and already been downloaded by many people. So one can download these for their personal use and for artistic work.

52. Noun Project Icon


To promote the world’s visual language, creating and sharing these icons is very important. To use their icons for commercial use you need not pay extra charges but one has to still purchase license for this. And so you cannot simply transfer the icons to someone else. Everyone has to individually download the icons without any hassle.

53. Oxygenna Icon


Oxygenna icon, a very cute set of icons working to serve attractive icons. They are very innovative and many people have already downloaded for personal use as they are free of cost.

54. Pixeden Icons


Having a set of free and premium icons which one can download for free, they are used by many. These icons have a very professional outlook and are the best if someone is looking up for icons that are professional.

55. PixelsMarket


pixel market icon, free icons designed by vector market. They are the best one can get. These icons are completely professional and best for the web based work. They have about 300 different pixel perfect icons which one can try.

56. Simple and Practical Web Icon

If you are looking for simple and professional icons, then these are the best. Their look is easy to understand and quite user friendly as they clearly resemble the purpose they are used for. They have about 18 thousand different icons giving a large variety to the people to choose.

57. Smashing Magazine Icons


If you are looking for some really professional web designers and web developer icons then these are the best. You can choose the one you want to download for your web based works. They are very innovative and give a creative touch to the work they have been used for.

58. Social Media Icons

Just as the name suggest these icons are used for social media only. They are best for personal use download as they are free. One can give a really cool and funky touch to their work and they have about 49 icons.

59. Tab Bar Icons iOS 7


This has about 500 different icons to serve to the people. They are very innovative and best if you are looking icons for personal use. And about 800 free icons for Iphone users.

60. Vector Mini Icons


Vector mini icons are the best they have about 74 free icons which one can use, they have free vector icons and these are the best for professional use. One can simply download the icon for here from free.

61. Vecteezy Icon


These icons are artistic and are having social icons and web icons as well as flat icons so the option list is just great. One can download these icons without any hassle and use them to give a creative effect to your work.

62. Web Design Freebies

Having a large variety of icons which is absolutely free and best for web designing just like the name suggest this is the best one can try. they are very fresh and unique icons which one can use for their personal and web related work.

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