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How to set up RoadRunner Email on Android?

The RoadRunner Email is an email service brought to you by Time Warner Cable Internet service provider. In case you are using the internet services provided by Time Warner Cable Internet service provider, you are perhaps offered a free RoadRunner email account. You should be able to access this email account by setting it up through a web browser or even through an email client.

How to set up RoadRunner Email?

Setting up RoadRunnr Email can be a difficult task if you are not aware of the aspects involved properly. In fact, it has been considered to be quite complicated and most of the users tend to give up setting it up. Many users set it up through Gmail, but you should also be able to set it up through the Android Email client easily enough.

how to set up roadrunner email

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Here are the steps that should help you set up the RoadRunner Email without hackles through the default Email client on your Android device –

  • Launch your Email app
  • Enter the RoadRunner Email address given to your and then tap on Next. 
  • Choose the option Personal (POP3) and then click Next. 
  • At this stage, type in your RoadRunner password.

At this stage, you need to configure the incoming and outgoing server settings. You would need to be careful when setting up this information. Any sort of error here can make your RoadRunner email setup not working.

Enter the following Incoming Server Settings – 

  • Username – Your full email address. Make sure that you have included the domain of your email address as well
  • Password – Your RoadRunner password
  • Server – Enter pop-server.maine.rr.com. This will vary depending on your location. You can check out the incoming and outgoing server for your location from this link.
  • Port – 110
  • Security type – None
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Once the incoming server settings have been configured, move to the next option by tapping on Next. 

Enter the following Outgoing Server Settings – 

  • Server – smtp-server.maine.rr.com. This will vary depending on your location. You can check out the incoming and outgoing server for your location from this link.
  • Port – 587 (or in some cases, 25)
  • Security Type – None
  • Require sign in – Check it
  • Username – Your username
  • Password – Your RoadRunner password

Tap Next, read the instruction and then tap Next again.

Type in your name in the Your Name field. This name will be shown to people when they receive email from you.

Tap on Next. 

That dos it. You have successfully configured your RoadRunner email on Android. Check if the service is working. You should ideally receive a couple of welcome emails. You may also check if the emails can be sent and received by sending a few emails from your existing email account.

Note –  Some users have reported that using the following settings for incoming and outgoing servers works effectively. You may also check them 

  • Incoming server: pop-server.rr.com
  • Outgoing server : smtp-server.rr.com

Bottom Line

That should be the best way to set up and configure your RoadRunner Email on your Android with ease. In case you find yourself stuck at any stage, you may share your questions in the comments section here below and find answers to your queries.


Q1) Is Roadrunner a POP or IMAP?

RoadRunner Email service works both on POP and IMAP protocols. However, we would recommend using POP as it may be quite easy to set up and does not typically run into errors.

Q2) Why is my RoadRunner mail not working?

Most common reason for the RoadRunner email (or for that matter, any email service) not working is due to the errors in setting it up. Following the proper setup instructions can help you get your RoadRunner Email service working. Under most circumstances, the incorrect setting of SMTP, IMAP, and POP  has been observed to cause errors.

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Q3) Why cant I login to my RoadRunnr email account?

There can be several reasons that can prevent your access to the RoadRunner Email account. The bad internet connection may also be one of the causes. Other reasons include wrong account credentials, incorrect email configuration settings, or firewall, or even antivirus on your device.
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