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20+ Best Free Fonts – January 2016 Edition

Typography well known as fonts play a vita; role in the field of designing. Imagine taking a glimpse of the hoarding in front of you, no matter how appealing it is, if the viewers are unable to read its text or what exactly the product is about, the entire efforts go down the drain. This is one example of how important text is.

Talk about the web designing, infographics, brochure designing, logos or whatever you come across each and every bit is important but easy readability is of prime importance in designing. No matter how nicely the designing is done, if the font selection is not made wisely that is, if the text/content is not easily readable, the efforts put in by the designer go down the drain.

To help all you designers with the quality fonts that are available for free download, we keep coming up with the compilations of the same on monthly and yearly basis. I remember jotting down some 80 Best Free Fonts of Year 2015. With the hope that you liked the compilation, here are to begin our journey of compilations of best free fonts. Here is our first list of best free fonts of the year 2016 that is for the month of January. Take a look.

1. Free Font “NayQueen 2016”

2. Elixia // Free Font

3. Invertor. Free Font

4. Exodus – Free Typeface

5. Duwhoers Brush Free Font

6. Valencia “Free Font Type”

7. Playlist Free Font

8. Arabella Free Font

9. Selima – Free Font

10. Audrey | Free Font

11. Coves – Free Font

12. Cenotaph Titling (Free Typeface)

13. Obake | Free Font

14. HoneyLlama , Free Typeface

15. Ginebra Free Font

16. Decanter

17. Antre / Free Font

18. Poste

19. Sk-Modernist (Free Font)

20. No Time | Handmade Font

21. Comok

In anticipation that you loved the free fonts listed here and found them worth downloading and using, here we are all set to wrap up for now. Stay tuned in for more such lists of best free fonts.

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Do let us know what you think of these fonts that we have hand-picked and prepared the compilation of the same. Which one(s) you liked the most and why. Also, let us know of any such fonts that you have designed or someone you know have designed recently.

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