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Best jQuery Plugins of the Week [24th January – 30th January]

Plugins that have since long been serving as the helping tool are being introduced on day to day basis to ensure, developers and designers don’t find it hard to get one(s) to be used in their different projects. However, finding the right kind of jQuery plugin to be used currently can be one daunting task. Here, we make efforts for you all thereby helping you with the filtered data all at one place.

Finding the best jQuery plugins as a user is any day a wonderful thing to do. For our designer and developer friends, we do the needful and keep coming up with the list of best jQuery plugins that are created lately for you all to enjoy the ease of finding the apt one for yourself.

Here is our this week’s compilation of the best jQuery plugins which you can check out and pick one(s) needed.

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1. Video Lightning

Turn any element into a lightbox or popover link for Youtube and Vimeo videos easily with Video Lightning.

Demo | Download

2. Formikation

Formikation is a simple jQuery plugin to beautify form inputs with some css.

Demo | Download

3. Birthday Picker

As the name says, Birthday Picker is a plugin that helps pick the birth dates with latest jQuery and bootstrap.

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Demo | Download

4. FitFrame.js

FitFrame.js is a lightweight, easy-to-use jQuery plugin for responsive iframes.

Demo | Download

5. jQuery Responsive Image Plugin

This is a jQuery responsive image plugin that comes with viewport or container based width matching support for the ease of user.


6. PopConfirm

PopConfirm is a simple action confirmation plugin developed for jQuery based on Twitter Bootstrap Popover.


7. jQuery Input Mask plugin

Demo | Download

8. Zebra Dialog

Zebra Dialog is a small, compact and highly configurable jQuery plugin that helps in creating modal dialog boxes, that are meant to replace native Java Script alert and confirmation dialog boxes.

Demo | Download

9. Like Dislike

Like Dislike is a simple jQuery plugin that enables users to create a rating bar with two buttons viz. Like and Dislike.

Demo | Download

10. Zebra Tooltip

Zebra Tooltip is a lightweight and highly configurable jQuery plugin that is developed for creating simple but smart and attractive tooltips.

Demo | Download

If you have more to share with us all, you can do so by leaving your comments below. Have your say by dropping in your valuable comments. We would love to hear from you.

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