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Best jQuery Plugins of the Week [15th November – 21st November]

jQuery plugins that have in the recent past have swept in and have made a valuable space for themselves promising to be useful and helpful to designers and developers. Plugins if chosen with extra care, keeping the purpose in mind promise to do their job efficiently.

If all you deisgners and developers have been finding it difficult to spare hours checking out all the plugins just to find the apt one for your projects, your wait is. We here at ThePixelBeard have decided to look for the best jquery plugins created lately and hand-pick the apt ones to help you make your selection in a fuss-free manner. Here is this week’s list of best jQuery plugins. Sneak a peek!

1. TwentyTwenty

TwentyTwenty is a jQuery plugin that is developed with the aim to help users in comparing images. All users got to do is change the paths to match their setup.


2. Dropit

This is a jQuery plugin that is created for single level dropdown menus. Its a simple and flexible dropdown’s in jQuery.


3. LobiBox

Lobibox is a responsive jQuery notification plugin written from scratch. It is divided into two parts viz. messageboxes and notifications.

Demo | Download

4. jQuery formBuilder

This is a jQuery plugin for drag and drop form creation. It is easy to use and indeed worth trying out.

Demo | Download

5. CircletPreloader

CircletPreloader is a small jQuery plugin that form circular loading animations to depict the state of charge of various HTML DOM elements as a percentage.

Demo | Download

6. jQueryFaviconNotifier

This is a super simple plugin that renders a notification number on the browser favicon. Its the brainchild of David King, who is a full stack developer.

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Demo | Download

7. Jquery Google Map

Its the plugin that enables users to manipulate the Google Map API in a fuss-free manner. Create your own complete Google Map with this wonderful plugin.

Demo | Download

8. Notie.js

Notie is a simple notification plugin for javascript without any dependencies. It alerts users, lets the, confirm their choices, and input their information.

Demo | Download

9. Skidder

Skidder is a jQuery slideshow plug-in that supports centering, swiping and responsive scaling.


That’s all for this week. Share your recently created best jQuery plugins with us all. Stay tuned in for more updates on lately developed useful plugins.

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