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Fresh Tools of the Week [13th February – 19th February]

Useful resources that keep helping designers and developers are increasing in number day by day. Each of the tools, apps and website that is being rolled out on a day to day basis are kept under scrutiny by our team because we are continuously making efforts to come up with a filtered data for you all.

We ensure to make you all well aware of the right kind of tools, and other useful resources and present before you the best ones so that you don’t have to check all over the web and spare hours.

With the hope that our efforts are paying off and you are able to make optimum use of the tools that we come here on a weekly basis, we present before you yet another compilation that I am sure you all will love.

Fresh Tools of the Week [6th February – 12th February]

Fresh Tools of the Week [30th January – 5th February]

Fresh Tools of the Week [23rd January – 29th January]

Fresh Tools of the Week [16th January – 22nd January]

Fresh Tools of the Week [10th January – 15th January]

1. Mega Bundle of Illustrator Brushes – Only $21

I am sure all you graphic designers know about how Illustrator brushes can add a good dose of realism to any project. Here is a Mighty Deal from The Artifex Forge that will give you 18 different Illustrator Brush sets for 486 unique brushes. Each of them is easy on customization part, in stroke size and color.

With these brushes you’ll be able to leave an everlasting impression on your clients. The bundles include everything from pencil to chalk brushes and rope to zipper brushes. So, what’s the wait for. It’s genuinely a deal worth grabbing. Go get it now!

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2. Gutenberg

Gutenberg is a project by Matej Latin and is currently work-in-progress. It is one meaningful web typography starter kit that brings meaning and craftsmanship to web typography.

3. Dragon

The tagline of Dragon goes like-Click to drag. If the users wish to drag particular elements they can do so by simply dragging the mouse and touchscreen to do so.

4. GrapesJS

GrapesJS is a free and open source web template editor and a next generation tool for building templates without coding.

5. PersistIQ

This is a cold email generator that is powered by PersistIQ. The tool helps users to quickly and easily create a 5-touchpoint campaign cold email templates.

6. Vorpal

Vorpal is a framework that makes it easy for users to build mature, immersive command-line applications in JavaScript.

7. Phoenix Framework

Phoenix framework is a productive web framework that enhances speed and maintainability. It brings back the simplicity and joy in writing modern web applications.

8. RNI FIlms 1.1

This is a real film simulation for mobile photographers. It is an apt tool that photographers can make optimum use of.

9. MediumEditor

MediumEditor is a dead simple inline editor toolbar for users to make optimum use of. It is a WYSIWYG editor clone that uses contenteditable API to implement a rich text solution.

10. UX Recipe

UX Recipe is an application that lets users cook awesomeness. Use a sincere and realistic checklists where users can discover, choose and estimate their next UX project tools and techniques.

Now, you have checked all the fresh tools for designers and developers, do let us know which one you gonna use in the future.

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