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Top 15+ Best Pedometer Apps

In today’s world where almost all the tasks are performed by the machines, staying fit is a major concern. A healthy body and a healthy mind help you have a peaceful and cheerful life. If your work involves sitting at a desk most of the time, you need to pay attention to some activities that would help you improve your fitness level. Walking is one of the simplest activities that can have a great effect on your body and soul. Pedometer Apps aids you in more ways than one in keeping track of your fitness regime.

Right from counting the steps to letting you set and track your fitness goals, a Pedometer app can be a constant friend. With a plethora of Pedometer apps available in the market, it can be a tough choice to go for the best Pedometer app that you can trust. This article lists out our top picks for the best Pedometer apps available for your smartphone.

Top Pedometer apps for your smartphone

Smartphones have become more than just a communication device. They can help you stay fit and healthy. We have several apps that can track your calorie intake, help you monitor your fitness activities and take care of your health. Pedometers are those apps that can count your steps while you walk. An effective Pedometer app can be a motivator of sorts so that you can move one step ahead each day. There is more to Pedometer apps than just counting your steps. Let us go through our top list of Pedometer apps.

#1. Accupedo

Accupedo is a perfect Pedometer app that can monitor your walking, running and other activities. The App can count your steps and display it on their home screen.

The app lets you track the progress of your fitness regime with respect to the goal you have set for yourself. It is a free Pedometer App. It can also handle counting and managing your step counts, calories burnt, and distance covered. The app can also save the route on the map as well.

Accupedo stores the data in the form of daily logs and lets you go through the data in the form of charts and graphs. The app comes with an accurate 3D Motion Recognition technology. It can count your steps with ease even with different walking patterns. It also has a battery saving mode to preserve your battery. You can save the data on to Google Drive so that it can be accessed on any device. The app is free, but you can also opt for the Pro version which promises additional features.

You can get it on iOS and Android.

#2. Argus

Argus is one of the best Pedometer apps for Android. The service is available both on Android and iOS.

It has been rightly considered as the all in one app for all your requirements in fitness tracking. The app has a combination of Pedometer, Activity Tracker and a calorie meter all built into one. Some other features included within the app include number of hours of sleep and amount of water intake. The service has a well-managed integration with Facebook, thus allowing you share your progress with your friends.

The modern interface has an easier navigation style. The app can also be linked to the high-end health accessories like WiFi Scales and Heart Rate monitors. Argus also comes with an optional training program that would help you get a personalized coaching to take care of your goals with respect to your physical training regime.

If you are just beginning your fitness regime, Argus can be your best companion. The all in one solution that the app provides are best suited for the newbies in terms of physical fitness. However, the professionals may not like the high importance focussed on social interaction. The goal setting is quite limited.

You can check it out either on your Android or iOS.

#3. Breeze

Coming from RunKeeper which is the best fitness app that the smartphone users have ever come across, Breeze is meant for those people who are not serious in terms of athletics part of the activity.

The app keeps track of all your daily activities and then compares them with your goals to give you an insight into your progress. It makes use of the sensor on your iPhone and all the while minimizes the usage of battery. If you are into serious kind of physical activities, the app may not be of much use to you. The passive made that it works may not suit your needs.

Breeze makes use of your activity tracker on your iPhone. With its help, it can automatically monitor your movements and other activities with ease. You can set some personalized targets or goals and leave everything else to the app. One of the best part with Breeze is the fact that it does not drain your battery. And yes, not to forget – Breeze lets you share your progress with your friends through RunKeeper, Facebook, and Twitter.

The app is available only for iPhone. You can get more information on the service at the official site. You can download it on your iOS and reap the benefits. This is one indeed the best among Pedometer apps for your device.

#4. Endomondo – Running & Walking

Here is yet another fitness tracking app that offers you multiple functionalities. It does track your workout regime through GPS. It takes the route of motivating one to be active.

Like Argus, Endomondo also works as an all in one app for all your needs. It can track your steps, help you check your heart beat and check out your fitness regime. You can get feedback and motivation in the form of audio messages. In turn, you can share your regime and success with others and motivate them as well. You can accept challenges given by your friends and try to beat them.

The best part of the app is its ability to track all sorts of physical activities. Right from basic activities like walking and running, you can use the app for high-end activities as well – like Yoga and Martial Arts. You can check the complete log of your activities for an in depth analysis. The data is saved to your account on the official site and can be viewed at any time for a deeper analysis later on.

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Download Endomondo on your Android or iOS. The app also has a Pro version for those who are interested.

#5. Fitbit

Fitbit is a fitness app that works best with a Fitbit tracker. Maybe you can work with the tool, but it would be more effective with Fitbit fitness equipment.

The app can sync seamlessly with a host of Fitbit equipment like Fitbit Charge, Scales, Surge and Flex among others. The tool can be used with your Android device seamlessly. You can set your activity goals based on your preferences. The app can track your goals effortlessly. You can track your progress with respect to a good deal of features like steps, distances, calories and much more.

The app lets you log activities like walks, runs, and hikes through GPS. Activity log helps you keep track of your Yoga and Workout activities. The app also comes with Food log that you can use for logging the calories you have burnt. This would help you manage your weight.

The Fitbit app can sync with Facebook and let you share your progress with your friends. You can also accept and beat the challenges that your friends may force on you.

You can check it out on your Android and iOS devices.

#6. MapMyWalk

MapMyWalk is one of the best pedometer apps for smartphones. It can track your movement by counting your steps.

The tool is best suited for excellent running experiences. The tool can track and records your movements on the map so that your improvements can be tracked online. The app works based on GPS. MapMyWalk logs the data on your account on their official site. You would be able to track your progress on any device. The service can track your movement and it can also measure the distance traveled apart from counting your steps.

MapMyWalk also offers you several other features that include calorie counter and recommendations on the improvement of your fitness regime. It can keep track of the GPS routes that you have taken. In essence, MapMyWalk can be yet another all in one pedometer app that does everything that you would expect your Pedometer to do. It can track almost all kinds of physical activities that you indulge in – cycling, walking, running, or even aerobics. Calculation of real time statistics is one of the best options that the app offers you.

Give it a try on your Android or iOS.

#7. Moves

Moves is yet one of the free pedometer apps for Android. The app is also available on iOS. In fact, iPhone users call it the activity diary of iPhone.

One of the most popular features of the app would be its cleaner interface that makes it easy to use application. It offers you multiple functionalities. It does work with over 50 different activities that include cycling, running, and walking. The app keeps working throughout the day in the background. It can be a concern for your battery, though. However, the app comes with an option for battery optimization.

Moves not only lets you count and record steps and other physical activities. It also doubles up as a calorie counter. In fact, it records your entire life through the activities you undertake throughout the day. It presents your life in a storyline. Maybe, that would help you develop a new thinking about your life.

One of the best features that you would love the app for is its ability to identify the landmarks. It uses these landmarks identified in its storyline and thus gives us another reason to fall in love with the app.

You can download the Moves app on both Android and iOS.

#8. Nike+ Running

Nike is a company that has interests in sports and running. If you are interested in running, the app should help you track your activities with ease.

The Nike+ Running is an app that can provide you an effective break down of your running sessions. Moreover, the Nike+ app also logs your history on the official website NikePlus.com. That would be a great proposition because you should be able to check the progress made by you on any device by logging on to your account on the site.

The app also comes with a map sharing feature. This would let you share your maps with your friends on Facebook. The app lets you experience real cheers through audio when you are running to a challenge with your Facebook friends. If you are a serious runner, this is the perfect app for you. If you have set definite goals for you, we promise you that the app will best suit you.

But – if you are someone who has multiple interests like walking, hiking or other ones, you may not be able to use the app. It works with running and only running. No other activities will work with Nike+ Running.

You can go for the app for your Android or iOS.

#9. Noom Walk Pedometer

This is one of the simple Pedometer apps for your smartphone. The simple design is what makes it an impressive app for all your requirements in Pedometer needs you may have.

There isn’t anything you would practically need to do. It works automatically in the background. Once installed on your device, it does keep working throughout the day without any need for any task from your end. What it excels is with its simple and minimalistic interface. You are free to add your friends on the app and comment on their profiles.

The simple interface is the unique feature that makes it one of the most preferred Pedometer app. The simple and easy to use interface makes it an app that consumes less battery. It can also integrate with Noom Coach app that focusses on a Weight loss regime. What makes it one of the best battery savers is the fact that it uses the movement of your phone rather than the GPS. Even with the stripped down and plain version of the interface, the app is quite popular.

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Noom Walk Pedometer is available only for Android.

#10. Pacer

Pacer is another Pedometer app that keeps working with any condition. What we mean by this is the app keeps working no matter where you have placed the phone – whether in your pocket or in your bag. It needs to be on your body and that would be enough. And yes, other than counting the steps that you have taken, the tool also can count the time that you were active. It would calculate the calories you have burnt.

The app is meant for those who want to lose weight and cultivate healthy habits. What makes it even interesting is the fact that it lets you invite your friends and family to the app so that you can have a discussion on the regime that you are undergoing. This would, in fact, make your healthy journey funny as well.

Whether you are on Android or iOS, the fitness app is available on both the platforms.

#11. Pedometer

Pedometer, the simple app as the name itself should indicate, the simplest app that comes with a simple interface. The app is simple but accurate.

The app may appear much simpler. Even then it does not disappoint you with the kind of information that it offers you with. Apart from counting your steps, the application does perform additional tasks as well. It can let you know the number of steps you have walked as it is the basic feature that the app comes with, but you would also get information on the calories you have burnt, the total time you have spent in walking, the distance covered by you and the speed.

You will need to enter your height, weight, and age. This would help the Pedometer app to calculate the exact calories you have burnt. It also provides you with a BMI index. The app does not keep working in the background though. You need to launch the app and tap on Start to begin counting your steps. Even the statistics provided by the app are practical enough. You can easily toggle through the statistics for day, week or month. The app also lets you read the information in the form of graphs.

The app can also go for the app for your Android or iOS.

#12.Pedometer for M7 – Steps

This can be the simplest Pedometer app that you have set your eyes on. It just counts the total steps that you have taken throughout the day.

The app has been created specifically for iPhone users. Steps will work efficiently with the iPhone versions of iPhone 5 and 6. Please note that you will need to run this app at least once in a week for the perfect record of your steps. The app can show you the number of steps that you have taken and you can go through the log that shows you the steps that you have taken each day, week or month. Pedometer also shows you the activity in the form of a graph.

The app is quite simple with its user interface and functionality. It does not keep working in the background unnecessarily. You can use the app only when you want to use it. Unlike many of the other pedometer apps that keep working in the background, Pedometer works in a need based approach. This can be the best option for the users who are conscious about the battery usage on their phones.

Try it for free on your iOS

#13. Quped

Here is yet another of the  Pedometer apps for iPhone. It makes use the Apple Core Motion technology for detecting your steps.

Since it does not use your GPS connectivity to track your steps, you will not face any issue with your battery. One of the unique features that would set it apart from the other competing apps would be the motivational goals embedded within. You are sent alerts for the weekly goals that you would need to achieve. The goals would be personalized in nature and based on your current performance.

You can use the app to compare your steps with other Quped users. It would be important to mention here that you will need to have an iPhone 5 and above to be able to use the Quped Pedometer app. It has been rated as one of the best pedometer apps available for iPhone. The data logging feature has been discontinued with effect from July 2017. What makes it a great choice is the fact that it has been developed by a project under the University of Glasgow.

If you want to know more about Quped and its varied features, you can visit the official product page. You can either download the app from this link or from iTunes.

#14. Runkeeper

Runkeeper is the most popular pedometer app for a smartphone. It helps you track all your physical activities including walking, running, cycling and other activities.

It uses your GPS connectivity to track your activity in real time. Though GPS tracking is quite accurate and precise, it can cause an excessive drain on your battery. Apart from counting your steps, the app can also calculate your speed and the distance covered. It will also provide you the information on the calories you have burnt through the physical activities.

Runkeeper can also integrate seamlessly with Polar Heart Monitor, Smart watches and other devices. It does work with several fitness apps. Some of the features that make it a good choice can be summed up as the ability to set fitness goals for your fitness regime and track your progress. You can also share your achievements through social media. Runkeeper works with all major social media site like Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.

Runkeeper can send you all the schedules and reports to your email ID. This would help you analyze your fitness regime with ease and help you improve on it. The app also has a home screen widget. In spite of all the high-end features, it does not drain much of your battery.

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You can check it out on your Android and iOS.

#15. Runtastic

Runtastic is yet another app that comes from a top developer of athletic apps – Runtastic. The app offers you an all round functionality that would suit most of the athletes and sportspersons.

Runtastic is a simple, yet powerful pedometer app that comes packed with a lot of features. It can track all your physical activities like walking, cycling, and biking among many others. The app can also log the location of your activity through GPS. It can also calculate the distance covered and the time taken to cover the distance. There have been a few reports about errors in these calculations, but the recent updates have fixed the issue.

Runtastic is an excellent app for all your needs and comes under the genre of the high-end pedometer apps available for smartphones. The app can link with your Google and Facebook accounts, thereby helping you share your achievements with your friends.

The app has a motivational feature that challenges you to complete 10,000 steps every day. You can compete with your friends or pose new challenges to them if you want to.

If you would like to experience the app, you can check it out on your Android or iOS.

#16. Steps – Pedometer & Step Counter Activity Tracker

True to its name, the app can work as an efficient pedometer and activity tracker for all your physical activities. The app is simple, however, comes with some specifically interesting features.

In fact, the app makes an attempt at teaching you the elegance and style of walking. It can track all your activities and let you know whether you are leading a sedentary lifestyle or an active one at that. The app stays on all the time on your device and will keep recording the steps you have taken.

The interface is interesting enough and lets you know whether you have been improving or not. You can set a goal for yourself and keep moving. The app can provide you a right approach to stay more active. Steps also acts as a calorie counter. It can calculate the calories you have burned based on your age, weight, and height. The app uses GPS and this can reduce your battery backup.

You can try it out on your iOS device. It does work with all iPhone models.

#17. Stepz

This is yet another iPhone exclusive pedometer app. The feature packed app comes with versatile functionalities.

Stepz is an app that can run on an M7 processor. That would rule out iPhone 4 and below models. The colorful design is the distinguishing feature that sets it way ahead of other similar apps. It differs from the likes of Pedometer M7, Pacer, and Breeze with its interactive interface. The app should suit both genres of users – whether you are a newbie who is just starting out or an expert with demand for more and better features.

Stepz not only tracks your steps, it doubles up as a calorie counter as well. Developers claim that the app does not drain your battery. It also comes with a few motivational features as well. The app has achievements that you can unlock as you move ahead.

Stepz is comparable to Pedometer for M7 but offers you slightly better functionality than the latter. The Pedometer is a bare bones app that does what it promises to, while Stepz is a step ahead with its lively interface.

Give it a try on your iPhone and go to the next level of Pedometer apps experience.

#18. Walker M7

The name itself should have given it out – this is another app that relies on the M7 Processor. It offers you the same steps counting functionality but differs with its added advantages.

You have access to a great deal of additional functionality than on Steps Pedometer and Stepz. It can measure your steps, but even more interesting – it can differentiate between running and walking! In addition to tracking your steps, the app also records the distance covered, and tracks the routes you have covered. You can also use Walker M7 to record your weight, blood pressure and body fat.

Walker M7 can also work as a calorie counter thus helping you check out the calories you have burnt. The social integration is yet another feature that makes it one of the apps to go for. You can share your achievements across multiple social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and even EverNote.

From the performance point of view, the app works in an excellent way in tandem with the other iPhone apps discussed herein. The additional functionality of being able to enter your body fat, blood pressure, and weight makes it an excellent choice to go for.

If that impresses you, go ahead and get it on your iOS device now! We are sure you will never regret your choice.

The Parting Thoughts

That concludes our list of top picks for  Pedometer apps for both Android and iOS. We have focussed on the apps here than on the platform. That should probably explain the mix n match of Android only, iOS only and common apps among the pedometer apps featured here. Our efforts will be paid if you have already chosen an app that meets your needs.

Do share your views and opinions about the pedometer apps that you have chosen to keep track of your steps. If you feel we have missed any app that deserves to be featured here, we would welcome you to share them with us. We will definitely give a thought to include it on our list in a future update to this post. Share your views in the comments as your feedback is what keeps us motivated to share more such articles.

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