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Fresh Tools of the Week [26th December – 1st January]

Designing and development are the fields that are co-related and ask the people in this field to put in their best efforts to come up with stuff that the target audience gets pleased with both in terms of functionality and ergonomics.

To help designers and developers with their different projects there are various kinds of helpful stuff being rolled out to provide them the ease of workflow. We at ThePixelBeard look for smart, useful resources and carefully handpick the best ones that claim to be of great use to you all and put them all in one place.

By making these efforts, we try to ease your job of looking for the right kind of tools, apps and much more all over the web. So, we are here once again to help you all with the filtered data of some of the superb tools, apps and websites to choose from. Take a look!

Fresh Tools of the Week [19th December – 25th December]

Fresh Tools of the Week [12th December – 18th December]

Fresh Tools of the Week [5th December – 11th December]

Fresh Tools of the Week [28th November – 4th December]

Fresh Tools of the Week [21st November – 27th November]

1. Lifetime Access to SitePoint Premium

I’m sure you do know, SitePoint is a useful resource for designers and developers where you can 1000’s of ebooks and tutorials that will help you master new techniques. There is a new deal going on in which you will get lifetime access to SitePoint premium account in just $44. Yes, you heard it right, just $44 for thousand of ebooks, videos, tutorials and screencasts to master topics from HTML to PHP to Design and UX.

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2. Flexibility

Flexibility is a polyfill for Flexible Box Layout Module Level 1. It can be used to design beautiful, flexible layouts on the web without sacrificing the experience in older Internet Explorer browsers.

3. BoomSVGLoader

BoomSVGLoader is an AJAX solution for your SVG sprite. What it does is that it simply loads compiled SVG sprite into the page immediately after the opening <body> tag.

4. BugHerd

BugHerd is the world’s simplest bug tracker. Simply point and click. Capture client feedback, resolve issues and manage projects visually.

5. Blur Like Jony

Blur Like Jony is Photoshop filter plug-in that makes the blur in the same way as Apple does in the current iOS. It has three modes, such as in UI Visual Effect View: Dark, Light, Extra Light.

6. Slogan Generator

Slogan Generator as the name hints is the one stop destination for finding slogans. Simply enter the keyword and search for the slogans. There will be oodles of slogans right there in front of you.

7. Cloud Magic

Cloud Magic is an email app that’s simple, smart and beautiful. With it you can manage team contacts, integrate apps and much more with ease.

8. A Frame

A Frame is a tool to create building blocks for the virtual reality web. Use markup to create VR experiences that work across desktop, iPhones, and the Oculus Rift.

9. iOS Cookies

iOS Cookies are a collection of hand curated iOS open-source libraries written in Swift.

10. Hypsum

Hypsum is the HackerYou Themed Text Generator that you all can make optimum use of.

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Share the tools, apps or websites that you have created or recently come across which you believe will be of help to others. Drop in your comments to have your say.

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