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Top 8 Free Word Cloud Generator tools

Word Cloud Generators is not exactly a new word for most of us in the technology arena. However, Word Clouds are normally used as a means of educational purposes. In fact, they can be used in a lot of creative ways to enhance the interaction between students and teachers. How about looking for a few Word Cloud Generator services that can be helpful? We will list out our top picks for the best Free Word Cloud Generators that can put your creativity to an effective use.

Top 8 Free Word Cloud Generator apps for a Perfect interaction

How useful are Word Cloud Generators? Well, they help you create better and interactive presentations. In fact, over the last couple of years, they have become an essential means of E-Learning. What makes Word Cloud Generators a worthy option is the fact that they would be helpful in keeping the excitement alive in an otherwise boring learning session.

#1. Wordle

This is one of the most popular free word cloud generator apps that has been quite powerful. In fact, one of the best parts with the cloud generator is it that it does not need you to create or sign in with an account.

One of the best free word cloud generator online, Wordle will need you to have JavaScript enabled on your device. That, probably, would make Google Chrome not able to work with Wordle. Therefore, if you have issues with your Chrome browser, you can check it out with other alternative browsers. Having said that, Wordle is a great option for your word cloud generator requirements. Moreover, you can either save the clouds on the gallery or get them printed out.

Get to know more about Wordle at this official link.

#2. Word Is Out

Word It Out is the word cloud generator that has been growing popular of late. Moreover, the service does not require a sign-up.

You should be able to convert your text files and images into word clouds and then save them on the service. Word It Out also lets you share the word clouds you have created. In fact, what can work better for it is the fact that it does not need you to have JavaScript installed on your device.

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Word It Out has different layouts you can use with each of your word clouds. You customise the clouds by changing the effects, colors, shapes, and sizes. Once you are done with your file, you can either save them or print it in the form of an image file.

If you want to know more about it, you can visit WordItOut Official Site. It can indeed be a great free word cloud generator online you should be able to get.

#3. Tag Crowd

If you are someone who is not at home with the concept of Word Clouds, Tag Crowd should be the option that best suits you. You can use it to create a word cloud, a tag cloud or even a text cloud.

Tag Cloud comes with a few easy to use online options for creating word clouds. If you are looking for ways to generate word cloud, it offers you a three-step procedure to generate your word clouds much easily. Follow these steps to create your word cloud with Tag Crowd – Choose a web page and visualize its text, upload a plain text file to visualize and type in the text in the text box provided by the tool to visualize the text. You can use any of these three methods to create your word cloud.

You can convert your cloud to a PDF, or even embed it into a website with the help of Tag Crowd. If you feel you are interested, get in touch with Tag Crowd.

#4. Tagul

Tagul is one of the best free online word cloud generator. It helps you generate awesome and amazing word cloud arts with a few simple steps.

One of the features that sets it apart is the capability to incorporate images. You should be able to create word clouds even without any need for an experience. As long as you are using the tool for your personal use, you can use it for free. The ability to implement shapes makes it one of the good options for creating logos and designs.

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However, you would need an account to use the services. But, good thing is that the registration is free. To know more, visit Tagul.

#5. ABCya

If your major concern is towards the e-learning for children, ABCya is one of the good options you can opt for. They do come with a Word Cloud generator that has proved to be extremely helpful for the teachers.

The tool is much simpler to use and quite comparable to Wordle. ABCya does not need you to sign up or register for the service to be able to use it. Once the word cloud has been created, it can further be manipulated and customised as per your requirements.

The word cloud generator is designed specifically keeping the kids in mind. It offers you several options to choose so that the word clouds you have generated can be customised as per your needs. If you think you need to give it a try, get in touch with them at this link.

#6. Tagxedo

This is the ultimate word cloud generator you can ever dream of. You should be able to do anything with the tool as long as your cloud generating needs are concerned – whether creating shapes or customizing them.

It packs in a good deal of features into one single word cloud generator. Some of the worth mentioning features can be summed up below –

  • It offers you a faster interactive nature.
  • Better cloud generation time.
  • Customized shapes and styles

Tagxedo offers you an excellent power engine. It lets you save the word clouds you have generated either in PNG or JPG formats. It also has a lot of customization options you can choose from. The application is completely free to use.

You can access the services through the Tagxedo site if you think you should give it a try.

#7. Tricklar

The service can be helpful in creating word clouds from the words contained in the news and other articles around the web. One of the major differences between the other word cloud generators and Tricklar is that the latter does not need you to input the words to create the word cloud.

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You can only input the time period, location and the type of the articles you have been searching for. And that does it – you will find the word clouds created for you in a quick succession. The tool will let you customize the looks, fonts, and shape of your cloud through the settings with ease.

If you want to get more information, you can visit the official site at this link.

#8. Wordsift

Wordsift offers you several features that make it a good option to create any of your favorite word cloud creations. The interface looks quite great with improved designs.

The customized design would make it one of the excellent features of the app. It provides you a list of around 5 different styles you can choose from. The tool is quite easier to use and understand. Wordsift is the offering that comes from Stanford University. However, if you are looking for fancy effects, it may not be a good choice for you.

Wordsift can also double up as a Google search option for your recent prominent word. The service also offers you a thesaurus built within the word cloud app.

Get in touch with the tool and the developers through Wordsift official link.

The Concluding Thoughts

Word Cloud is the best option that lets your visitors have a better understanding of your site. In fact, if you are into creating presentations and graphic designs, opting for word cloud designs and tools can help you let your visitors get engaged with your content.

The word cloud generator tools featured in the above paragraphs should help you present your ideas in a clear, simple and easy to understand manner. If you have used any of the word cloud generator tools featured in the above paragraphs, you are welcome to share your opinions and experiences with us. If you think we have missed any of the applications that should have been in the list, we would egg on you to share the details with us.


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