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11 Excellent Tips to Become UX Leader

So, you are a team leader or I must say newly appointed or promoted team leader and wondering where to start from and how to handle the team. Working on your own and getting the work done by the people are two different things. You can do any kind of work the best way you can and as efficiently as possible, but then getting the same amount of work within the scheduled time and in the correct way can actually be a fussy thing to do. I am sure all you team leaders out there would agree with me on this.

Throughout the entire topic, you might come across points that might be useful for all the team leaders out there. In specific this topic revolves around the UX team leaders. If you want the best output and the great work done by the team members then you might want to know the tips and tricks of doing so. Isn’t it?

Being a leader you have to be bit friendly and lenient, but then at times you have to be strict. Holding up to the team and motivating your team is one thing that always gets a thumbs up.

1. UX is About Asking Questions

UX is about asking questions, your team members should have the curiosity is about not throwing the solutions instead asking questions in first go. Don’t ask your team members to come up with the solutions instead ask them to come up with the questions, generate curiosity. Ask them to determine the relevance, priority and meaning to come up with the amazing designs.

2. Make it Happen

If you wish your team to be motivated, you have to be at first be firm and motivated how else do you expect others to do the work well. If you like the work of the team, make sure to appreciate, if you don’t like something or find flaws in the design then say it straightaway. Expecting your team members to be like you and get the excellence like you it might sound to be unreasonable but is not. Try to design your team the way you want. Your team members will follow you and if you go careless and don’t go after what you want, who else on the team would work and care enough.

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3. Give the Due Credit

Each one of us love it when credit for our work is given. If you want your team to be motivated and keep working in the progressive manner, you should give them the due credit for their hard work. Your team members are sure to love you for it. As a team leader your entire focus should be on building a team of efficient people who respect you and help you build the reputation. If your team members succeed you too are succeeding isn’t it?

4. Influence/Leave Impression

Not to forget you are a UX team leader so ensure you act in a reasoned, intelligent, dedicated, inspiring and influential. To lead on the UX front, you must be able to lead outside the team and inside.

5. Give them the Space

Everyone wants to put in their best efforts, feel proud of their effort. If they are unable to come up with the best results, its probably they are not getting enough space. Help them clear the path, and provide them space to ensure that they put their best foot forward.

6. Help your Team Members Grow Professionally

If you have members in your team who are either new or slow learners don’t be harsh on them instead let them learn, help them grow with motivation. Let them learn and improve, if you go harsh on them..little too much it will not be in favor. Designers are always ready to take more projects, build, design and put in their best. If your team member is asking for a chance to improve at something, help them the best way you can. Believe me, the results of your patience would be amazing and your team would come up with stupendous results.

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7. Be a Good Listener

Being a team leader doesn’t mean you always have to speak and never listen. Instead, it is suggested to listen to what your team members have to say. Ask them to come up with suggestions, issues (if they are facing any) and anything they want to say. Be a good listener and be open to new ideas, opinions and suggestions.

8. Be Clear and Precise

If you want your team members to understand their job well, you will have to tell them clearly and easily understandable manner. Be precise and clear as to what you expect your team to do. Being precise doesn’t mean you miss out important points. Be crisp, short and clear in what your team members should produce as the end result.

9. Do What you Expect

Its like you can’t sit on your couch with chips or snacks on hand while you ask your team members to buck up and work to meet the deadlines. Set an example by doing what you expect your team members to do. You do, they will follow you! You can expect or ask people to do things they wouldn’t do themselves.

10. Talk Psychology

Now this is a specific tip for UX team leaders. We all know that the root of design is Psychology. If you want a great design in result of hard work and time put in, you will have to focus on human psychology. Knowing the minds of the target audience is must in designing. UX is psychology applied to design. Discuss psychology with your team members to understand its importance in designing.

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11. Keep Calm

Being a team leader is a fascinating job, but not easy. At times you have to be harsh while at other times you will have to be lenient, it all depends on the situation. While asking for the reasons of not completing the deadlines or not doing the particular work the right way, it is always suggestive to keep your calm. Remember the way you act and react affects the way everyone else in the team will do. Stay calm in all situations.

To wrap up, we have listed almost all the tips and tricks that work in favor of being a smart UX team leader best known to us. If you have any useful tip worth sharing why not come up with it by leaving your comments in the section provided below.

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