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15 Email Newsletter Every Designer should Subscribe

All those of you who are in the online business well know the importance of newsletters. More the number of people subscribing to your newsletters more the content/product/service information will reach the masses thereby bringing in more traffic. Newsletters, these days are the best source of learning what’s the latest trend going on. One gets to follow the website/blog without having to bookmark the same on different gadgets like laptops, tabs or mobile phones. Viewers get the relevant information right there in their inbox that is easy to check and access.

For all you designers and developers today we have prepared the list of websites that you genuinely need to subscribe. Each one is has unique content, thereby making you aware of what’s the new thing in design and development. I need not spare more words on the type of information each website pinned below offers as each speak for its worthy nature. Time for checking all the best email newsletter for designers worth subscribing.

1. Designmodo

Designmodo is a one stop destination for informative material for designers and web developers. Here you get highly-rated User Interface Packs, and the ones you can download for free and use in your design projects and various inspirational designs, resources and much more. You can subscribe by entering your email id in the given box to get the products/news on Designmodo.

2. Speckyboy

Who doesn’t know about the website that goes by the name Speckyboy. Launched back in October 2007 as the personal freelance web design homepage of Paul Andrew, Speckyboy has become one of the best resourceful website for designer and developers. Here you get insightful tutorials, time-saving techniques, fresh and useful resources and inspirational art, covering web design and development, graphic design, advertising, mobile development and much more.

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For the best resources, in-depth articles and important news from the design community, all you designers and developers can subscribe to its weekly newsletter.


3. 1stwebdesigner

Firstly, I would like to confess that I personally like the name of this cool website 1stwebdesigner. It is the community of digital professionals who give an insight into how to handle your web design freelance business and much more to ensure growth and success. All you get to do is enter your email id and you will get the weekly newsletter full of informative stuff for our designer friends.

4. ThePixelPedia

I agree that its not been a long time since we entered the community of websites dedicated to designers and developers. However, subscribing to our newsletter is surely going to be worth it. To get the useful resources, tips, freebies and inspiration dosage, you can subscribe to ThePixelPedia free email newsletter. It would not be difficult to find from where on the web page you can subscribe to the newsletter. Check out the right hand side bar or scroll down and reach the end of the article where you will see the box to subscribe to our newsletter.

5. Web Designer Depot

Web Designer Depot is the web portal for all the web savvy designers. It’s packed with quick bits of news, inspirational resources, cool new products and services for designers. You can subscribe to the newsletter of WebDesignerDepot by simply entering your email id. No spams are promised.

6. SitePoint

Subscribing to the web portal namely SitePoint, you can get the update knowledge of latest tutorials, tips, tricks, resources offers and much more. .

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7. Vandelay Design

Vandelay Design is a website where you get to check out the know how about small business owners and entrepreneurs with the right tools to make their business venture a success.


If you are wondering what how GDUSA is going to help all you designers out there then let me tell you thins Graphic Design USA offers two newsletters in addition to their magazine. They have a general graphic design newsletter and a green newsletter for you all.

9. Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine I am sure all you designers know is one resourceful web portal that besides promising the superb inspirational, useful stuff for designers promises easily understood well put in content. When you subscribe to the its email newsletter, you get it twice a month with useful tips, tricks and resources for designers and developers. The bonus is a small token of appreciation that is free eBook.

10. Nielsen Norman Group

If you subscribe to the newsletter of this web portal you get the news related to web usability. Updates are sent every two weeks.

11. Design Shack

Design Shack is a website that showcases inspiring web design, resources and tutorials, filtering through lots of the redesigns and much more. Subscribe to the blog to keep you posted about what is up on Design Shack.

The above listed ones are the blogs that if all you designers and developers subscribe will get the latest updates on what’s the latest thing in the world of design and development. Also, there are websites that promise a dose of inspiration, fonts, how to’s, tutorials and much more. Take a look.

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12. HowDesign

HowDesign is a website where you get online design courses, design books that are available at MyDesignShop.com and more.

13. Get Inspired

Subscribe to the newsletter of Get Inspired to get updates from Get Inspired Magazine on a weekly basis. Be the first to download a new e-Magazine, win awesome prizes and join amazing raffles provided by various creative friends.

14. SiteProNews

Get to know about the latest web news, learn designing skills and much more by easily subscribing to SiteProNews.

15. Killer Sites

Subscribe to this website named Killer Sites to get latest information tips tricks and much more for learning how to create superb websites.

Which one(s) of the above listed websites you have already subscribed into? Also, let us know of any such websites that you believe our designer and developer friend should subscribe into.

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