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20 Awesome Christmas Gift Ideas for Designers and Developers

With Christmas and New Year just upon us, there is a lot of excitement and festivity fervor in the air. Aren’t you all excited for the fun-filled parties? I am sure you all are and you are surely have started with the preparations to celebrate the special day. From dresses to home decoration to buying gifts and what not. It’s all so exciting!

Buying Christmas gifts for loved ones is fun. However, if you have a partner who you think would not love anything in gift or would love the gifts that are related to their work or something that holds the utilitarian value then of course it is going to ask for lot many brainstorming sessions.

Designers and developers to talk about are the ones who simply love their work and anything that is of their interest or they can use to enhance their working experience is more than welcome. Imagine, a designer would also love if you buy them a set of font or icon set. But that’s how they are and we love our near and dear ones the way they are!

Well, today, we have come up with the list of best Christmas gift ideas that you can consider giving to your designer and developer friends which we believe they will love. Also, take a look at the best free Christmas Flyer Templates for designers to check out and suggest your designer friends to download the one(s) they want to.

1. CMYK Playing Cards

Made up of four colors that is cyan, magenta, yellow and black, these playing cards are featured in 10 different shades showing the different level of opacity of a particular color. Its a perfect gift for the graphic designer who deals with colors day in and day out.

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Price : $14

2. WD My Passport Wireless

Save your loved ones from saving their precious data by giving them WD MY Passport Wireless hardisk.

Price : $149.00

3. Kappo

If your partner or friend is a freelancer, you can help them motivate to get up and take care of their help and not always sit back on their couch with laptop in their hand. Kappo is the perfect combination of function and design. Whether single speed, retro race bike or custom made, Kappo shows off your bike to its best advantage. The little box can be utilized for placing small stuff, books or bike accessories.

Price: 265.00 €

4. Nimbus Dashboard & Clock

Nimbus is a highly customizable 4-dial dashboard that tracks what’s important to you. Users can easily personalize each gauge using their mobile device to keep an array of info up-to-date and available at a glance. The cool gadget monitors your commute traffic, weather, email, calendar, social media networks, and more.

Price : $99.99

5. Minimalist Desk Organizer

This is a beautifully crafted monitor stand that is available in Ash, Oak and Birch Ply. There is an aperture underneath the monitor/computer to store your mouse and keyboard.

Price: $125, $155 (Walnut)

6. I Know HTML Tshirt

This ‘I Know HTML’ Tshirt featured in HBO’s series Silicon Valley and was worn by the character Erlich Bachman is a perfect gift for your developer friend.

Price : £9.99

7. DeviceLab

Device Lab is a responsive stand that organizes the devices as in mobile, tablets besides letting developers take responsive tests of the websites all at once by bringing multiple devices together in a single place

Price : $149

8. Aqua Notes

Ideas pop up in our mind anywhere but not always, we have notepad or something to pen it down and then we forget. Here is a notepad that can even be hung in the bathroom so next time and idea pops up as in while taking shower user can pen it down. It is an ideal pick for shower thinkers.

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Price: $9.99

9. al Tar

This is a space-saving shrine for modern treasures. With a depth of only 50mm it gives your beloved mobile devices as iPad, mobile phone and laptop a place to rest. Also, there is an integrated hidden space for sockets and chargers.

Price : 449.00 €

10. USB LED Beverage Cooler & Warmer

Everyone needs a few sips of his favorite beverage while working. Here is a cool USB LED beverage cooler and warmer that eliminates the need to leave your seat to have a can of your favorite beverage and enjoy a chilled drink within arm’s reach of your computer.

Price : $19.99

11. ColcaSac Chevron iPad Sleeve

Here is an iPad sleeve that is made of environmentally friendly materials. It has a functional front pocket for headphones, cables and various other necessities like keys, minimalist wallets.

Price : $29.95

12. Balcony Desk

Here is a balcony and space saving functional furniture for urban living. You can buy this cute little balcony desk to be hung in the balcony for your designer or developer friend to work while breathing the fresh air.

Price: €128

13. Econoled Magical ON/OFF Switch Color Changing Mug-Black

This is a super cool coffee mug that changes its color according to the beverage in it. The cold mug displays Off (written in white on black background) and if there is hot coffee/beverage in it, it will display On (written in black on white background).

Price: $7.90

14. Core Dock & Display

Core is an iPhone dock that has an elegant design and has the ability to charge two devices at the same time. Also, its cable can be wrapped around the dock so it does not sprawl all over the work desk.

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Price : $39.99

15. Typodarium 2016

Typodarium 2016 is the daily typography dose. Its a tear-off calendar that unveils a new font everyday. Perfect way designers can broaden their knowledge to discover the font’s history and development.

16. Gunnear Technology Eye-wear

Designers and developers tend to spend a lot of time working on computers that results in eye strain, eye fatigue and headache. These Gunnar glasses claim to reduce the stress that the eyes take to, thereby helping users work longer and efficiently with less stress on eyes.

Price : Starts from $63.99

17. Original Font Me Typography Two-Tone Coffee Mug

This is the perfect gift for designers. Taking little sips of coffee through this mug will surely bring a smile on their face.
Price : $25.30

18. Web Designer Web Design Degree: Custom Gag Diploma Doctorate Certificate

Here is a funny, customized joke gift that is sure to make your designer friend smile.

Price: $13.99

19. Website Deck of Cards

Here is the set of 53 cards carrying common UIs of websites or apps. These cards are an attractive presentation tool for web developers to showcase their designs to their clients.

Price : $19

20. Ergotron Workfit

The Egotron Workfit is a standing workstation accessory that raises your laptop so that you can stand more while working to improve your health.

Price : $299.95

Do you have any Christmas gift idea worth sharing that you can give to designers and developers? What’s the wait for, let us know by leaving your comments below.

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