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Best Illustrator Tutorials of October 2015

Adobe Illustrator is one tool that is used mostly by the designers to come up with different kind of Illustrators, graphic designs and much more. However, no matter how well versed one is, the fact remains at one time or the other one gets stuck and seeks help. Talk about newbies, not everyone has time and money to invest in going for some designing course or something like that. It is about helping people learn about the particular tool, its features and following which steps will help them get the desired results that tutorials are prepared.

In the quest to help you all in learning more, we have decided to come up with the list of the best Illustrator tutorials that are prepared by the designers to help their fellows the best way possible in simplest manner. Each tutorial is so prepared that there is a stepwise procedure written in the simple and easy to understand manner.

Check out the list of the best Illustrator tutorials of October 2015 that we have prepared for you all to get the best out of each one!

1. Create an Art Nouveau-Inspired Glinda Character in Adobe Illustrator

Do you have ever heard about “The Wizard of Oz” novel, which was popular among the children of all ages? This article will cover many Wizard of Oz inspired Illustrator tutorial further. This is first from Design.TutsPlus.com that will help you create Good Witch from South character in Illustrator.

2. How to Create a Stylised, Textured Flat Camera in Adobe Illustrator

Create a flat retro-style camera that will help you master a few techniques likes gradients for lights and shadows and using Adobe Illustrator swatches.

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3. Draw the Cowardly Lion From the Wizard of Oz in Adobe Illustrator

Written by Yulia Sokolova, this Illustrator tutorial will help you draw a colorful Cowardly lion using a stock photo and various other simple techniques.

4. How to Create Tin Man From The Wizard of Oz Using Adobe Illustrator

Another Wizard of Oz inspired Illustrator tutorial that will help you build the Tin Man character in Illustrator using the tutorial written by Andrei Stefan.

5. Use the Warp Tool to Create a Furry “Toto” in Adobe Illustrator

Using the Wrap tool in Illustrator, you will learn to create a cute puppy character called “Toto” using simple shapes and basic techniques.


6. Adobe Illustrator Tutorial: Create Repeating Patterns for Skate Deck Art

Skate Deck is an awesome thing to show your talent and if you love to do some skate deck art, this Illustrator tutorial from DigitalArtsOnline.co.uk will help you create repeating patterns.


7. Custom Dusty Grunge Font Vector Treatment

Give any text a dusty grunge treatment with the help of this useful Illustrator tutorial that can be achieved in 1 hour.


8. How to Create a Line Art City Landscape in Adobe Illustrator

This tutorial by Marta Bērziņa will help you create a line art city landscape illustration in a few easy steps using Illustrator.


9. Illustrator Tutorial: Create A Dolphin In The Deep Blue Ocean

Using Rectangle and Pen Tool, this Illustrator tutorial will help you create a dolphin in the deep blue sea.


10. How to Create a Chibi Lollipop and Lullaby Munchkin in Adobe Illustrator

An awesome tutorial that will help you create cute characters Chibi Lollipop and Lullaby Munchkin in Illustrator. You will learn sketching the character, build solid shapes, create line and a simple background.

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11. How to Design a Quick, Quirky Character in Adobe Illustrator

This tutorial is written by Ivan Petrusevski that will help you learn to create a simple, fun character in few minutes.


Which one(s) would you want to try your hands on? Also, let us know of any such tutorial you would want to see here in our upcoming compilations. Have anything, suggestion, idea, or anything, just leave a comment below. We would love to hear you say about our article featuring best Illustrator tutorials of October 2015.

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