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Best Illustrator Tutorials of November 2015

Adobe Illustrator needs no introduction as it has already made a mark in the field of designing. It is one of the finest tool that graphic designers use to enhance their creativity. The useful features that it comes endowed with to handle various kinds of jobs altogether make it the coolest tool that graphic designers have been using to come up with superb designs.

Now, the point is what does one do when got stuck while working on some kind of project or wants to learn about some features to get the desired results. Tutorials help designers learn the entire process of getting various kinds of results in the easiest way possible. Last month we came up with the nice compilation of Best Illustrator Tutorials of October 2015 and here we are with this month’s list of the same. Check them out by scrolling down and decide for yourself which one(s) of these awesome Illustrator tutorials would you want to learn.

1. How to Create a Vibrant Day of the Dead Portrait in Adobe Illustrator

Day of the Dead is a Mexican holiday and you will create a portrait, inspired by the day using Illustrator tutorial as explained by Maria Dimova.

2. Adobe Illustrator Tutorial: Amazing Texture Techniques for Vector Artwork

This Illustrator tutorial published at DigitalArtsOnline.co.uk will help you learn how to add textures to already created vectors that looks amazingly beautiful.

3. How to Create a Colorful Vector Landscape Illustration

Chris Spooner always amazes us with the quality of Illustrator or Photoshop tutorial he post on SpoonGraphics. Here’s one more from Chris that will help you to learn creating a colorful vector landscape illustration.

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4. How to Create a Trio of Cute Pencil Characters in Adobe Illustrator

Learn creating cute pencil characters from this tutorial explained by Diana Toma. This tutorial will help you in learning how to create characters using basic shapes and distortion techniques and then give them face expression.

5. Create Cartoon Icons for Transgender Awareness Week in Adobe Illustrator

You will learn to cute cartoon icons to raise the Transgender awareness with the help of an Illustrator tutorial explained by Mary Winkler.

6. Illustrator Tutorial: Create A Football Helmet

Spotted at VectorDiary.com, this Illustrator tutorial will help you learn how to create a realistic looking, detailed football helmet from scratch.

7. How to Create an Autumn Composition With a Sparrow in Adobe Illustrator

Autumn season is here and that’s the best time to create some weather inspired artwork. This Illustrator tutorial written by Nataliya Dolotko will help you create an autumn composition with a sparrow using basic shapes and wrap tool.

8. How to Vector a Cartoon Hunting Dog in Adobe Illustrator

Here’s one more autumn inspired Illustrator tutorial in which you will learn to create cartoon style hunting dog.

9. Yum! How to Create a Delicious Bagel Sandwich Icon in Adobe Illustrator

Creating icons in Illustrator are always fun as you get the right tools to execute the icon design. Here’s an awesome Illustrator icon tutorial for beginner learners that will help them to create a bagel sandwich icon to use in your food related projects.

10. Create a Сute Raccoon Character in Adobe Illustrator

Nataliya Dolotko will explain you to create a cute raccoon character using basic shapes and wrap tool which she likes the most and use in most of her Illustrator tutorials.

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11. How to Create an Owl Character Using a Circular Grid in Adobe Illustrator

Using this Illustrator tutorial, you will learn to first create a circular grid so that you can draw an owl character out of the grid.

12. Back to Basics: Create a Vector Geometric Alphabet

Create vector geometric alphabets that will look amazing on poster or design flyers using the tutorial explained by Vectips.com guys.

13. How to Create Animated Latvian Patterns in Adobe Illustrator and After Effects

By Marta Bērziņa, this tutorial will help you first create Latvian patterns using some simple Illustrator techniques and the animate the patterns using After Effects.

14. How to Create a Wrapped Ribbon Text Effect in Adobe Illustrator

Another Illustrator text effect tutorial by Andrei Marius that will help beginners to learn give wrapped ribbon effect to the choice of your text.

15. Create a Shattered 3D Geometric Text Effect in Adobe Illustrator

Want to give 3D effect to any text you want in the Illustrator? This tutorial will help you learn so that you can use in future design projects.

16. How to Create a Gold Text Effect and Graphic Style in Illustrator

This tutorial from Vectips.com will help you learn how to give gold color effect to any text you want in the Illustrator.

This is the end of the list of this months’ best Adobe Illustrator tutorials. There is much more coming your way. Stay connected to know about the upcoming tutorials that will definitely help you excel your designing skills.

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