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Best Photoshop Tutorials of November 2015

Photoshop being one of the widely used tools for various kinds of designing projects is making users feel glad about having the opportunity to make optimum use of it. Designers are making continuous efforts to learn more and more about Photoshop and understand what all are the best tools and how they can use the same to get the desired results.

While handling various kinds of projects, at times one seeks help in any kind to better understand the process of getting what one wishes for. Not everyone can afford to enroll in some crash course, so what they do is they search for the information on the web. Tutorials are best teachers that make one learn lot many things in simple and easy to understand manner.

Last month we started a chain of compiling best Photoshop tutorials for our designer friends to choose from as in which one they would want to try their hand on. Before hitting a jump to know what all we have in store for you all for this month, sneak a peek at 20 Best Photoshop Tutorials of October 2015. Here, we have 13 best Photoshop tutorials for the month of November 2015. Enjoy checking them out.

1. Photoshop Tutorial: Turn a Sketch into a Fantastic Painting in Photoshop

An awesome tutorial that we spotted on DigitalArtsOnline.co.uk that will help you to transform any sketch or a real photo into an amazing painting in Photoshop using AirBrush and other techniques.

2. Creating a Digital Illustration

Create a funky sci-fi spy on Mars planet using the tutorial explained by Gabo Romero.

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3. Photoshop Tutorial: Master the Liquify Filter for Surreal Photo Illustrations

This tutorial explained by Fabio Sasso will help you learn one Photoshop technique/filter which is called as Liquify Filter that will help you later to create surreal illustrations in Photoshop.

4. Photoshop Tutorial: Create Dynamic, Lightning-filled Background for Character Art

This Photoshop tutorial written by Ricardo Ajcivinac will take your Lighting effect techniques to a next level that you can be use to enhance your character art or designs in the future.

5. Transform a Portrait into a Caricature Artwork

Include some fun in your Photoshop learning with the help of this awesome Photoshop tutorial published at PhotoshopTutorials.ws. This tutorial will help you to convert a portrait into funny caricature artwork that will not only look funny but also artistic.

6. How to Create a Realistic Autumn Leaves Text Effect in Adobe Photoshop

Autumn season is most romantic seasons where all colors are bright and give an accent to the surroundings. This tutorial written by Rose, will help you to create a realistic looking autumn leave text effect using leaf images, textures, lighting effects and adjustment layers.

7. Photoshop Tutorial: Add Real Texture to Hand-drawn Artworks

By Dwayne Bell, this Photoshop tutorial will help you to add extra depth to your illustrations using digital patterns and applying textures.

8. Create an Abstract Portrait Photo Manipulation With Adobe Photoshop

Written by Jenny Le, this Photoshop tutorial will help you create a photo manipulation artwork using few stock images and abstract elements.

9. How to Create a Moonlight Scene Photo Manipulation With Adobe Photoshop

Another awesome Photoshop photo manipulation tutorial by Jenny Le that will help you to learn creating a moonlight scene using stock photos and other simple techniques.

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10. How to Digitally Paint Shiny Metal Armor in Adobe Photoshop

Monika Zagrobelna will explain you to how to digitally paint metal armor in Photoshop using some complicated digital painting techniques. The nature of this Photoshop tutorial is complicated but Monika’s art of explaining is very simple that will ease you to learn.

11. Create a Plasticine Text Effect in Adobe Photoshop

Using the Layer Style and the Distort filter, you will learn to create a plastic text effect in just 15 minutes

12. Create a Dark Spiritual Ritual Scene of a Girl in Photoshop

This tutorial at PhotoshopTutorials.ws will help you to create a sprit ritual scene in Photoshop in which you’ll change daylight image into a dark night scene using lighting effects, painting and blending techniques.

13. Learn How to Add a Reflection to Your Photos in Photoshop

There are many times you need to add dramatic effect to your photos or designs, this tutorial for beginners will help you to learn adding a reflection in few steps using Photoshop.

14. Photoshop Tutorial: How to Design Stickers in Photoshop Ready to be Printed on Vinyl and Die-cut

Do you want to create stickers for your client or company? This tutorial will not only help you to create stickers but will help in such a way that those created stickers can be readily printed on vinyl and die-cut.

15. The Making of ‘One Way Street’

This Photoshop tutorial is coming from the expertise of Peter Braeley that will help you to create a moody environment using some simple techniques.

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We will keep you posted with the latest Photoshop tutorials to help you the best way possible in our upcoming lists of the same. Stay connected to check out our coming months’ compilation of best Photoshop tutorials.

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