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15 Awesome Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Designers and Developers

February is the month of love! There are days like chocolate day, teddy bear day, hug day and others before the Valentine’s day comes. These are noting just the days to show small gestures to your loved ones to tell them how much you love them and care.

The shopping spree, planning for the surprise parties, candle light dinner arrangements and other things are on the mind of people in love since they want to make their loved ones feel special on the special day. Just a few day before, we shared cool 15 Best Free Valentine’s Day Flyer Templates. Hope they proved helpful.

For today, we decided to list down some of the really worth checking out and buying gifts for your valentine especially if they are in the field of designing or development. Take a look at all the best Valentine’s Day gift ideas for designers and developers and let us know which one would be your pick and why?

1. CMYK Playing Cards

These CMYK cards are made up of four colors: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. These colors are featured in 10 different shades showing the different level of opacity of a particular color. Graphic designers who deal with colors are surely going to love this gift.

2. Rhodia Grid Designer Book

This is one cool pad for designers. From the outer cover, it appears to be like the classic pad, but then its quite different inside. It contains a dot grid perfect for anyone wanting a subtle grid.

3. Chisel iPad Dock

This is the perfect gift that designers and developers are sure to love. Make Chisel iPad Dock as the gift for your valentine.

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4. The Eyestrain Reducing Computer Lampshade

Designers and developers tend to spend huge amount of time in front of the computers which leads to eyestrain. Here is a computer lampshade that promises to reduce the eye strain caused by extended viewing of a computer monitor. This is a smart gift that holds the utilitarian value besides being super smart.

5. Nimbus: Smart dashboard + clock

Here is easily customizable 4-dial barometer that keeps a track of what is important to you. You can use your mobile phone to personalize the dashboard. The dashboard will then show info on things like how traffic conditions are, the weather, calendar events, email, social updates and more. Looks cool though!

6. 8-bit Hands Coasters

Here you see the set of 8-bit hands coasters that you are sure to love for the fact that these are simply a visual treat.

7. iPad Paper Pad

Apple products are worth drooling over. There are lot many crazy Apple fans who love anything that mimics their Apple gadget. Here is an iPad Paper pad that I am sure designers and developers out there would love.

8. Stress Buster Desktop Punching Ball

With lot many people opting for freelancing, sometimes it becomes difficult to handle some nasty clients and one wishes to punch them hard which obviously one can’t do. Here is a stress buster desktop punching ball which is indeed cool.

9. Blancho Bedding Card Holder

Here are cute little wooden clips designed as cute pig and a hedgehog made of high-quality samak. Users can make these sit on the desktop to hold notes, photos, recipes, messages, memos and much more.

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10. Mug Warmer

While working for long hours on the computer, designers and developers tend to forget to sip down their beverages. Here’s a smart mug warmer that will help them enjoy their beverages hot.

11. DeviceLab

DeviceLab is a responsive development stand that helps developers test responsive sites on multiple devices together in a single place.

12. Website Deck of Cards

These are the UX cards that comprise of 53 cards carrying common UIs of websites or apps. These website deck of cards are an attractive presentation tool for web developers to showcase their designs to their clients.

13. The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over the Lazy Dog: Card Game

Its a game that includes every letter in the alphabet, besides its a memory game focused on typography. A perfect gift for designers.

14. SlateGo Mobile AirDesk

SlateGo is a board for notebooks a perfect item for people who are on the move. With it, users don’t have to worry about their laptop burning their thighs. This lap desk also has special holes for better airflow and a spot for your phone and keys. An item worth buying.

15. WD My Passport Wireless

Here is a device that will help developers back up their data wirelessly and lead a tension-free life for the fact that they have secured their valuable data.

Share your Valentine’s day gift ideas with us. We would love t know about it. You never know, your idea might hit someone else. Leave your comments below.

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