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CREO Mark 1Phone : A New Phone, Every Month

CREO Mark 1Phone : A New Phone, Every Month

“How can we make android experience better?” This question kept many of the smartphone companies awake. CREO a Bangalore based tech company was one of them who tried hunting for answers only to realize that they are the ones who have to create an answer.

After countless sleepless nights and days equally occupied with hard work and grit: the company is introducing to the mass the CREO Mark 1, its first flagship smartphone based on a proprietary Android based OS. For a general information, CREO is the same company that is behind Teewe. This company promises to release a new feature every month.

CREO is taking a route which not too Indian brands have thought of. Not only does it intend to provide regular software updates, which not too many users get to see on their phones’ life cycles, but it is focused on the software experience.


This launch, highlights the fact that maximum smartphones do not receive more than one software update in their lifecycle and in most cases users are not even aware about the updates. CREO intends to change this by adding a new feature to the phone every month based on user feedback.

However, there’s no indication about the specifications on offer with the Mark 1, but the video showcases a device with a metallic frame and a glass back. The customized version will run Android 5.1.1 Lollipop, with the 70 member team at CREO focusing on adding features that are not available to any other Android handset. It would be pretty interesting to see what features the Mark 1 brings along, whether they are able to create a better user experience than other smart phone manufacturers.

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At CREO the technicians are committed to #MakeBetter Android. They want to leave no stone unturned, because they are working on both the Operating system and the hardware of the smartphone. The company promises and assures that with their OS they will send relevant updates that shall keep the phone running just as new as the first time its customer had held it. They also assures that they will add a big new feature with every update.

CREO, the Indian startup has recently raised $3 million in funding to create a new twist on Android, called the Mark 1. Some press release regarding Mark 1 says that CREO won’t compete on hardware, but instead, its ambitious goal is to release regular updates to its Android skin that is so unique, Mark 1 users will feel that they are using a new phone every month.

The company says that Mark 1’s software features will focus on enhancing its caller experience, device security, app performance, and cellular data management.

The things they added that a lot of things can be done very, very well from the OS layer, but not the app layer that will enhance user experience. CREO’s developers will rely on feedback from its user in order to determine what will be included in each month’s updates. This tactic is similar to the community-based approach that Xiaomi and Cyanogen use to manufacture their Android skins.

The Mark 1’s price won’t be disclosed until India finalizes changes to its tax laws.

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