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How To Attract Visitors From Facebook Posts

We all know that Social Media plays a very important role in promoting a website. Every newbie blogger tries to get traffic from Social Media platforms. We have compiled a useful To – Do List below.

It is important to publish and promote your content on multiple websites including Social Media Networks such as:

  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • StumbleUpon

These Social Mediums helps to reach out to the Target Audience and helps to get an Engaging Audience on your website. You can, thereby, identify who is your Target Visitor and How To Reach out to him/ her.

Hence, it becomes important to attract visitors from these mediums. Facebook is by far the most used medium and we have listed the techniques to attract visitors from Facebook.

So, Here’s The List of 5 Most Important Things To Make Note of While Promoting on Facebook.

Attractive Images for Article on Facebook Post

The First Impression is the Last Impression and Image is the First Element of a Facebook Post that the User focuses on.

A Single Image is worth a Thousand Words.

If the Image is compelling enough, it makes the User Read the Headline and then the other Elements of the Post.

Now, you can even upload Image along with your post if you don’t want the Article Image (Blog Post Image) to be displayed.

Make sure that the Image is compelling enough to stop the Facebook User from Scrolling Down his Facebook wall.

The Image must be of a bright color that eventually catches the eye of the potential visitor.

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The Image must be content oriented. If you post an Irrelevant Image the User may Close the Site quickly which will increase your bounce rate.

A Catchy and Provoking Headline

After the Image, the user definitely checks the Headline which describes what that Image actually represents.

It is, therefore, inevitable for you to put a relevant Image and a relevant Headline. If there’s is any conflict between the Image and the Headline, you will lose out on a potential website visitor.

The Headline must be a catchy and should provoke and compel its Target Audience to make that profitable click on the article post.

If the article headline looks boring, no matter how great the article is, you will not get any visitor.

These headlines will also help you to get a better ranking on SERPS and will attract more visitors as it compels the audience to visit and view the content. We all know that Social Media signals helps to boost the search engine ranking.

All the links mentioned below stands in First Page in Google. Hence, Headlines play a very important role.

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User-Friendly Description of Article

The description of the article is the actual meta description of 2 or 3 lines in the article below the Image.

It is also an important part which compels the potential reader to visit your article on the website.

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The description must compel and force the viewer to visit the article.

It should tell the reader about what the article contains in brief which helps to drive an inner force that makes him/ her click on that link.

It is estimated that 40% of the targeted visitors from Facebook reads at least 50% of the description of the article.

It should be looked into that the words are not difficult for the user to grasp. Simple and plain English words with easy but interesting vocabulary.

Convincing Call To Action Technique

The facebook post must contain all of the above mentioned things in place.

With this, you should also take care of writing few words or a line that convinces your Target Audience to click on the Article.

It is important to write a Compelling Line if you have an awesome following on Facebook Profiles and Pages.

If the article headline, content and the image matches with each other, it helps to establish a Trust Factor with the audience. It, therefore, makes the target viewers believe the article that you have posted is of some worth to spend their precious time on.

You must be able to justify why the potential visitor should actually read the content and what benefit will they make out of it.

If you post something excellent and compelling content that does not have any relevance to your visitor, then you will definitely lose out on that viewer forever.

Posting in Multiple Places in Facebook

To attract Audience from Social Media Platforms and that too from the most used platform such as Facebook, it is important that you should have a good following on facebook.

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The different places where you can post articles on facebook are as follows:

  • Facebook Pages
  • Facebook Groups
  • Personal Profile Wall Page

If you have made a Facebook Page for your business or blog, then you should definitely post this on your Facebook Page. Facebook Groups are estimated to have a higher user – engagement than Facebook Pages.

Apart from this, you should be able to convince your friends and other bloggers who are in the relevant Niche as per your Website to post it on their Pages or Facebook Wall.

It is important that you should post the article within different groups in Facebook as such groups contain many people from different locations all over the world. It directly helps you to reach out to a foreign audience which normally have a higher CPC rate.

Alternatively, you can even promote the posts or articles on Facebook via Paid Advertisements on other groups or pages.

The facebook groups help you to get a good range of visitors even if you don’t have a good following on your own business page.


The above listed techniques are a few tried and tested insights for getting more visitors through facebook. We hope that you get an increased number of visitors. Do mention any Suggestions if you have in the Comment Section.

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