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The Overflow Of Apps

There are so many different kinds of applications available these days which can be used for different purposes. Such as gaming apps, music apps, messenger apps, editing apps, news apps, etc. We all loves having and using all these apps and if not use we want to at least try it out once. But all the apps are not supported by all devices or by an OS (Operating system). Due to these factors users of certain OS or device are not able to use certain applications.

Availability of Apps

Likewise a PC or a personal computer doesn’t let us use many applications available, especially the application available on Google Play Store which is the app store of Android device users. Google Play Store has a wide range of application such as innovative games, very effective music downloading apps, social media app, cooking apps, location app, diet apps, maps, and so many other uncountable apps. And most of these apps are exclusive to only Android device users. Due to this these apps cannot be installed in a Mac or a Windows PC. You need an android device to experience the different and interesting apps.

The Android Emulators

One may need to use certain apps in their PC just because or interest or because of need, but it becomes very difficult if a technology is known but is not available for use in a certain required medium. So to solve this problem for the PC users a thing called the Android Emulator was introduced.

Android emulator is a virtual device that runs on a PC and once it is installed you it creates an environment that of an android mobile after which you can run the different android apps on your PC. So if you run an Android emulator on your PC you will be actually running Android OS alongside your computer OS on your computer.

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Many people may like a large monitor and would like to use their computer for experiencing various app, so with an android emulator you can access your favorite mobile messaging apps, games on your PC and take advantage of your larger monitor, hardware keyboard and other peripherals.

Emulators are programs that basically mimic or act like the hardware and operating system of other machines. After you install an emulator, you can get A VIRTUAL console with which you can install non-supported apps and play with your system.

People mainly download and run Android emulators for the purpose of gaming. There just uncountable number of games available in Google Play Store that cannot be played on computers. By gamers want to play their famous game on a desktop, which has a bug screen and is more comfortable and good for graphics. This is the main reason that users install the emulators to their computers and then enjoy their favorite games on their computers. Many of the emulators come available with most of the highly played and recent games so that once people download the emulators; they do not have to separately download the games.

Kinds of Android Emulators

There are many kinds and types of Android emulator available for people to use in their computers. Some are available for free for downloading, for some you have to pay to download, for some you need a graphic card and for some you do not need a graphic. Some emulators work only on Windows computers and some work on Linux and Mac as well.

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If you don’t want an android emulator that needs a graphic card then for you there are some options available from which you can choose.

Downloading Android Emulators

If you want to run an emulator that does not need a graphic card n your PC then you can follow the following steps-

Step 1- On your browser write ‘download android emulators for PC without a graphic card’
Step 2- You will get two or three like from which choose the first one
Step 3- On the top of the page you will have to select the type of your OS such as Windows, iOS, Blackberry, etc.
Step 4- You will find one or options of emulator that does not need a graphic card and is also free, such as the Genymotion.
Step 5- Tap on the ‘download’ option
Step 6- Once the file is downloaded, open the file and run it on you computer just the way you install any other application on your PC. After which you will be able to download and use most of the apps available on the Google Play Store.

You can also search for paid versions of the android emulator online which will allow you to download some more applications which cannot be downloaded using the free versions of Android emulators. In case you are not satisfied using these you can tryout other options that need a graphic card for downloading.

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