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6 Best WordPress Design Trends of Year 2016

WordPress is one of the most popular and used CMS (Content Management System) that has won the hearts of millions of website owners for the ease it provides and the oodles of features it comes loaded with. We have once come up with the article on Best Free E-commerce WordPress Themes if you all remember.

The new year has begun and we are talking in length about the web design trends, ideas, latest tools, plugins and other helpful stuff that all promise to better understand the do’s and dont’s and ease the workflow.

Today, we have come up with the list of the best WordPress Design Trends of the year 2016 that all you designers out there need to keep in mind and follow. Read them out!

1. Responsiveness

Since the number of mobile users are increasing, it has become vital for designers to keep in mind the responsiveness of the website. It should be responsive enough to enable users to access the website on any gadget of any dimension. Yes, I mean to say that the WordPress websites you work on should be responsive.

2. Ghost Buttons

The ghost buttons look clean and classy on every web design. The Ghost Buttons let users to add hover states without having to switch colors or make the website unpleasant and not functionally bad.

3. Infographics

Infographics are a visual treat and ensure to provide information in a visually appealing manner. While the plain text without the image would sound uninteresting infographics on the other hand sound interactive through the combination of content, colors, movement making it interesting.

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4. Parallax Design

Parallax Design is fast becoming the popular trend that a lot of websites are adapting. Parallax scrolling insists visitors to check out. Making website heavy is the drawback of Parallax design. This trend should be followed carefully and in return, it will give website better user engagement, reduced number of clicks and a smoother transition for your visitors.

5. Flat Designs

Flat design was and is in a trend. It promises to enhance the website’s user experience. Flat design treatment makes the web design fabulous, providing users the best experience.

6. Interactive Design

The latest trend to follow is the interactive design with movable background. Quite a lot number of websites are using this design trend of interactive design with a moving background. There are innumerable free and premium interactive web design WordPress themes that are sure to inspire all those of you working on WordPress or handling any such kind of designing a project.

These are the notable WordPress Design Trends that are suggested for you all to follow in the year 2016. Following these web design trends will help all you designers working on WordPress will ensure that your hard work gets well paid in terms of appreciation from the users of the WordPress websites being smart visually and functionally. Do share your viewpoints with us and any other trend which you feel is worth being part of the list or in case you think I have missed out any.

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