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Creative Facebook Banner


Well Facebook is one of the biggest social media giant and everyone likes to post their recent pictures and photographs on their timeline. Facebook is completely user friendly but if you still want to master the art of posting these pictures, profile pictures and cover photos professionally you have to learn the art. Making Facebook banners are bit complicated for people, but here we will guide you about how to make a creative facebook banner for your profile/page or group.

By adding banner you can showcase your talent in designing and graphics to a larger number of audiences easily. But one must always remember that the size of the banner is fixed and there are strict guidelines introduced by facebook to help us make an appropriate banner. Following the guidelines of the facebook is very important and one can even make it look pretty and attractive with expert tips.

Following Are The Tips That You Must Consider While Making A Facebook Banner


1) Do not copy it

– Firstly you have to log in into your facebook account. Well the next big thing to think on is that is the facebook banner going to be for your fan page/ group or your own facebook profile. Well in any of these cases avoid any copy right issues. Make sure you are not copying anyone else’s work and art. This is a big no as per as facebook guidelines. Plagiarism is not allowed while one is trying to make their own facebook banner. Secondly don’t you want your work to be original? Make sure your banner and work is as original as it can be, never copy someone else’s art.

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2) No sales tactics

– Make sure you are not mentioning the price on your banner. There should be no sales pitch or offers mentioned on your banner of your fan. This is a big no; according to the official guidelines of facebook one cannot mention their offer price on their facebook banner.

3)No phone number’s

– Your Facebook banner must strictly have no phone number’s mentioned on it to contact you directly. This is a big no. neither there should be any such signs directing towards your phone number to make direct purchase or bookings. This is a false way to promote according to facebook guidelines.

4)Appropriate size

– many people do not know what should be the appropriate size of the facebook banner. Well that is easy; Facebook banner size must be 851 X 315 pixels. If the picture is not of the same size then facebook might ask you to either edit the picture and crop the additional part which might reduce the beauty of your picture or they might not accept the picture because of the small size.

5)No adult words

– Make sure your facebook banner does not have any words which are not appropriate for public display. As per as facebook guidelines make sure you do not hold any such words in any given size on your banner.

6)Resolution care

– The bad part of this is that facebook blurs the resolution of the picture. Make sure that the resolution of the picture is high as it does not look distorted while you upload them on your facebook account. Take extra care of this so that you can give a professional look to your facebook banner. So you can create facebook banner using applications as well.

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7)Creative font

– Creative and clear font is what you must focus on, in case you want this group banner or page banner for any advertising purposes make sure that you are using font in such a way that it is creative and clear both. Make sure that you do not overdo creativity that people cannot understand your facebook banner.


– Make sure you do not keep your facebook banner just to decently fit in the guidelines of facebook. According to facebook banner creation tips one must try to add few unique things to their facebook banner for make people to remember them. Use good pictures and attractive combinations of colors and fonts.

9)Live and fresh

– Your facebook banner must be live and fresh make sure you do not use dull colors and things. Bring out the creativity in you and make sure that people like it. Keep modifying the facebook banner with new trends. Banner is the first thing a person sees and the biggest thing is that is visible to the audience at first.

Following Are The Ways Of How To Create A Facebook Banner Easily.


1) Login to your facebook account.
2) Enter Banner in the search field at the top and press the enter key to get appropriate results.
3) Click on the application which is at the left side of your page and see the list of the banners they have to offer.
4) The next step is to make sure that you use the application of your choice and select the best one.
5) Browse to the options to build your header and using a profile banner just for instance upload your own link.
6) Click on the Publish to profile button and finish to upload the banner and give a final touch to it.

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These are the best and creative ways to maintain the standards of your facebook banner.
Create facebook banner with these standards only to make sure you are hitting on the right part and are working for the best. Facebook banner is very important for at least sales groups and fan pages as they are the ones which are going to help you to attract a large number of audiences to your page. Creative facebook banners will help you to boost the power of your facebook page. This is one of the best ways to add value to your brand.
Soon with the coming innovations one might even be able to add appropriate GIF to their banner to make them look even more creative and attractive.

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