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The 11 Best Free Twitter Tools To Unfollow Non-Followers


Twitter is one of the greatest tools for social media marketing. Connecting with people and building relationships is an important part of digital marketing strategy. But there are cases wherein you may feel the need to unfollow some of the people for reasons that may vary depending upon the circumstances that warrant it. Well, you can unfollow the individual accounts one by one manually. But, the process is quite tedious and can consume a lot of time. We present the best tools meant for Twitter unfollow in this post. We concentrate on some top end Twitter Unfollow Tools.

Why do you need to unfollow Twitter non-followers?

Unfollowing the non-followers is one of the most necessary tasks. There are several reasons why it assumes an important part of your digital marketing strategy. Some of the reasons could be

  • There are some people who tweet quite too much. Most of the times, the tweets have nothing useful. Unfollowing such followers can help you ease out the clutter in your timeline.
  • Some of the people you follow may be known to be spamming. There are some who may go overboard with offensive behavior, or even use hate speech.Such tweets appearing on your timeline can have detrimental effects on your image.
  • You may be following someone, but they may not reciprocate and follow you in return. Twitter rules suggest that you can not follow more than 2000 people who follow you. That would mean if you have not many followers, you may not be able to follow any new member. In such cases, it may be necessary to unfollow the non-followers and follow the profile you would indeed want to.
  • Unfollowing those members who are not related to your business would be a practical move so that you can concentrate on people who matter the most.

Free Twitter Tools For Unfollow Twitter Users Who Don’t Follow You

#1. CrowdFire

The tool was known earlier as Just UnFollow and has been a wellknown Unfollow Tools For Non-Followers. In its earlier avatar, it was only used to unfollow the twitter non followers. Now, in the revamped incarnation, CrowdFire has several added advantages, but the ability to unfollow remains the best one.
The application lets you unfollow your Twitter non followers and thereby keep your account cleaner. CrowdFire can list out the people you follow under different categories so that you can take a collective decision. The service does come with a dedicated iOS and Android app as well. That would make it a great choice to manage your Twitter account while on the move.

#2. Unfollowers.com

Unfollowers.com uses a simple to use interface and a straight forward approach to unfollow the Twitter non followers. You can use it to manage your Twitter account in more ways than one.
The simple and clean interface makes it an easy to understand Twitter management Tool. Apart from letting you unfollow the non followers, the unfollowers.com can be used for several other tasks like sending DMs, or influence mentions.
The tool allows you to unfollow only 100 accounts per day. If you want to improve this limit, you will need to opt for the paid version.

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#3. ManageFlitter

ManageFilter is one of the most popular Twitter Management tool. In fact, it is featured on every tech blogs and authority sites on technology.
The tool has several filters so that you can choose the accounts you want to unfollow based on differing categories. One of the feature we liked the most was its ability to identify the Twitter accounts that tend to be talkative. The people who blast off tweets unnecessarily are the ones who can make your Twitter timeline quite cluttered and noisy.
You can also use ManageFilter to locate fake Twitter accounts and then unfollow them. The overall performance of the tool is indeed praiseworthy, and it is definitely worthy of mention in any post on Twitter Management tools.

4. Tweetadder

Tweetadder is the best Twitter management tool. It comes with all the tools you would want for an effective twitter marketing.
Now that we are focussing on the topic of unfollowing Twitter non followers, Tweetadder performs this task like a Pro. It offers you several filters to choose the accounts you would want to unfollow. It can be used to unfollow those people who do not follow you back. You can also use check if any one has unfollowed you in recent times, and unfollow them.
Tweetadder also populates the list of spam profiles so that you can take a decision on what to do with them. The tool is best suited for the Twitter followers who are much talkative, or have the habit of blasting off Tweets.
The wide range of filters it offers you include the Twitter accounts that speak a different language and those who are too quiet.

#5. Tweepi

Tweepi is one app that lets you keep your Twitter account cleaner and clutter free. You can use it to follow or unfollow hundreds of people on Twitter.
The app was earlier known as Flush . The app lets you create your own filters. You can also use it for multiple account management. Tweepi is the best option for you if you want to improve the number of your followers. It can synchronise your twitter follower list with ease.
The tool is free to use. However, if you want some advanced features – you can opt for the Pro version. If your major aim is to unfollow the non-followers, the free version should be enough for your requirements.

#6. SocialBro

This is yet another powerful tool for your requirements in a more practical and useful Twitter management. It has several additional features that makes it a best Twitter unfollow tool.
It offers you a simple and powerful interface to work with. You just need to login to it with your Twitter account. The dashboard on the app will offer you a community feature. The tab lets you have access to several filters. It shows the people whom you follow, but they do not follow you.
It also helps you improve your Twitter follower base. It shows you the list of the Twitter accounts you should follow to make your account have a good standing. Other than that, SocialBro lets you optimise your tweeting schedule. It suggests you the best times that your tweets will get better views. Moreover, it allows you gather more insight into what your followers are into. Getting a better insight into the online behaviour of your followers can help you come up with more optimised content.

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#7. Friendorfollow

Friendorfollow is one of the simplest and powerful means of unfollowing the friends who do not follow you back. In fact, the tool does not only work with Twitter , but also has similar functionality to manage your Instagram account as well.
The tool lets you know the people whom you are following, and they are not following you back. You can unfollow them straightaway. Friendorfollow also lets you export the list of friends on Twitter in the form of a .CSV file so that you can refer to it for your future needs.

#8. Untweeps

Untweeps is a popular Twitter unfollow tool. The free tool is capable of aiding you in unfollowing the inactive Twitter users that you have been following.
The tool works on a different mode of unfollowing the people on Twitter. Unlike the other tools which let you unfollow the Twitter non followers, Untweeps focusses on the inactive users. You may have followed a Twitter friend, and the person may be quite inactive on the site for a considerably longer period. Just login to your Twitter account and enter a number to find the number of days a person has been inactive on the site. This will help you unfollow the people who have not been tweeting for a long time.
That should make it a great choice of an app because having a few hundreds of active followers is better than thousands who are not active. Untweeps gives you an insight into such users and lets you take a decision on what to do with those accounts.

#9. StatusBrew

StatusBrew is a perfect Twitter marketing tool. The tool works across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and a host of other social media sites.
What makes it one of the preferred options while choosing a Twitter unfollow tool is the fact it is more than a tool for unfollowing the non-followers on the microblogging site, but also works as a complete Twitter Management option. One of the best features that makes it one of our favourite options is it offers you the same performance across other social media platforms including Instagram.
The free version should be able to do most of the tasks you may need to handle, you can also go for the paid options if you want to add more sources.

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#10. Twitter Karma

Twitter Karma is yet another simple tool for managing your followers and non-followers. You can use it to unfollow those who do not follow you. You can also use the app to follow the people who follow you. That way it will be a helpful in improving your Twitter follower base.
The tool comes with advanced filters so that you can easily unfollow the people under certain specific categories. The categories include the people whom you follow, but they do not follow, or the mutual friends (those whom you follow, and they follow you back), and most inactive users among a host of other categories.
The app has a simple interface, but initial loading takes quite some time. However, the app serves your purpose of unfollowing your Twitter non-followers quite intuitively.

#11. Twitter Counter


Twitter Counter is another free Twitter unfollow tool that gets your work done with a few simple steps. They do come with a paid version, but most of your tasks should be handled easily with the aid of the free version.
It features an easy to use dashboard which makes the task of listing out the people you want to unfollow quite easily. The app comes with several filters that you can use to monitor the behaviour of the Twitterati whom your follow, or who follow you. The filters include most inactive twitter users, and those who do not follow you.
The paid version of the tool offers some additional features like Audience insights, engagement analytics and audits. Most of the features may not be needed for your purpose, if your main concern is to unfollow the non followers.

Over to you…

Well, that was our little list of the tools and apps that would help you manage your Twitter account and make it a worthwhile one. Unfollowing the people form your Twitter account can be a good step ahead towards making your Twitter account clutter free. Too many people in your timeline including the most talkative and the quiet ones can cause major concerns, which can run the risk of making your Twitter account appear spammy.
We assume that list of tools featured here in this article should fulfil the needs for most of our users. We have concentrated on the Free Twitter Unfollow Tools in this article so that they can be beneficial for every category of Twitter users. Have any of our users used the tools featured herein? If yes, we would be glad to check out the feedback they have to offer us, and our readers. Do come up with your own ideas on how to keep your Twitter acconts clutter free and attactive, at the same time a best source for user engagement.

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