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How to Download/Install vShare on iOS Without Jailbreak iPhone


As it stands to be unique to human nature, we all look to get something for free. This would apply to apps you download. If you are an iPhone user or someone on iOS with any other Apple device, you may be looking for some apps that you have long yearned for. But, sadly enough – not all of them are available for free. Yes, there are options you can use some third-party apps so that you can download premium apps for free. AppCake and Installous have been a couple of widely used apps for the purpose. However, in recent times, vShare has been gaining much popularity. Let us find out how to install vShare on your iPhone without jailbreaking your device.

What is vShare?

Well, we are aware that Apple tends to have complete control over its iOS environment. This applies to the apps available on the store as well. This would mean you will not find every other app to be available on the App Store. The apps are closely monitored on the Apple App Store. You are not allowed to download apps from any other source.
However, jailbreaking bypasses this restriction. Equivalent to rooting in Android, an iOS device can be freed from the restrictions imposed on it by jailbreaking it. But it remains the fact that it isn’t as easy as it is to root your Android. That is exactly the reason why people hesitate to indulge in jailbreaking.
vShare comes to your rescue here. With this virtual app store for iOS, you do not need to jailbreak your iPhone to enjoy the pirated apps. So, in essence, vShare is an alternative app store for your iOS devices. The major difference between the Apple App Store and vShare App store lies in the fact that vShare allows you download the premium apps or paid apps for free. While in Apple Store, you need to pay for the app. In a way. vShare can be considered to be a pirated app store for non-jailbroken Apple devices.

How does vShare work?

Well, vShare makes use of a security loophole in the Apple ecosystem. Exploiting this to their benefit, vShare lets its users download the premium iPhone apps for free.
There is no clear documentation available on how vShare makes it possible even with stringent Apple guidelines; there have a few theories put forward. Apple allows some companies to make their own apps so that the employees of these companies can use them. This is called Apple Developer Enterprise Program. As per this program, the apps developed by them will not be listed on the App Store. These apps will only be available to the employees of the company that has developed it. This special program costs the developer company an amount of $ 299.
This is what vShare has exploited to its benefit. It has procured the license for such an app and has created a huge pirated app store within its app. The members on the vShare app are treated as its employees, and thus the apps can be downloaded by them easily. Apple will not restrict you from downloading these apps as the certificates will be valid.

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How to install vShare on your iOS device?

Installing vShare on your device is quite easy. The best part about it is the fact that there is no need to jailbreak your device. That would mean the security of your Apple device remains intact. Here are the steps you need to follow in order to install vshare on your Apple device.

Step 1 : Launch the Safari browser on your iOS device.

Step 2 : Type in the vShare address in the address bar – www.vshare.com.

Step 3 : You should now see two options for download – Download(Jailbroken) and Download(Non Jailbroken).

Step 4 : Tap on the option for downloading the unjailbroken version.


Step 5 : A pop up should now ask you whether you want to allow ssl-api.appvv.com to install vShare on your device. Tap on Install.


Step 6 : You should now see the Download progress status on your Homescreen.

This should install the app on your iPhone now. However, there is still something you need to take care of before you can begin using the aspp.
Tap on the vShare app icon to launch it. You should now get an Untrusted App Developer pop up on your device. Tap on Trust. This will let vShare to launch. Once you get inside the vShare app, you can download your favourite iOS apps for free regardless of whether they are free or paid.


In certain cases, you may encounter the following error while attempting to download the vShare app your phone –cannot connect to ssl vshare.apvv api. Follow the steps here below to get rid of this error.

  • Close all the tabs in your Safari Browser.
  • Get back to Home screen.
  • Tap on the Home button and close all the apps that are running in the background.
  • Launch Safari browser once again.
  • Follow the steps explained above once again.
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Congratulations – You have successfully installed vShare on your non-jailbroken iOS device. You can now enjoy almost all the premium apps for free.

Is vShare safe and legal to use?

You might have understood after the discussions we went through in the above paragraphs, it should have been clear to you that vShare is not legal in the real sense of the word. It is a pirated app store that lets you download premium apps for free.
However, vShare does not act like a pirated store though. You can refer to this clause on their website,

“We respect intelligent property and devote to protect the right of authors. If you consider your right has been violated, please contact us by providing related documents. We’ll remove such contents immediately.”

This should give a clear idea about how does the app wants to function. The app makes use of the security loophole in the Apple Ecosystem to let the larger audience to download the paid apps for free. From that point of view, it may not be strong contention, to brand vShare as being illegal. However, the sheer model the app works on makes it illegal. Since it offers the paid apps for free, it is a clear loss of revenue for the app developers. And that could be something that can make it appear illegal.
Apple does not seem to have taken any note of this issue with vShare. Till the time Apple pulls the plugs on the vShare app, it may not be illegal in the strict sense of the word. All the apps you download will bear the valid certification from Apple.
The issue is different when you enquire whether it is safe to use this app. Well, it must be safe. vShare says that whenever a new app is uploaded to the vShare site, it goes through several tests to confirm its safety. Some of these tests are performed automatically, while some of them are conducted manually.
If these tests find anything wrong with the apps you upload on the servers, they will not be published. From that point of view, it should be clear that the app store in itself is quite safe from user’s point of view. It is a different matter that it could be illegal based on the model it works on.

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How can I remove vShare from your phone?

Well, vShare is indeed a great app if you really want to install the premium apps on your iPhone for free. However, maybe you have certain concerns with respect to the app – more so because of it being an illegal app based on the functionality it has. In such cases, here is how you can remove vShare from your iOS device. Follow the steps here below –

  • Unlock your device and go to the Home screen.
  • Locate the vShare app. Remember not to launch it.
  • Tap and hold on the vShare app icon.
  • The icon should now wiggle and a X mark should appear on the icon.
  • Tap on the X button.
  • You should now get a pop up asking you whether you want to Delete the vShare bookmark icon?. Tap on Delete.

That should do it. Your vShare app should now be completely uninstalled from your device.

The Final Thoughts

Well, to be frank, vShare is an app that falls in the grey area. We may not be able to term it an illegal app in the clear sense of the word. At the same time, you should also note that the app just uses a security lapse on the part of Apple, and it may not be illegal in the strict sense of the word. In any case, since it does not need you to jailbreak your iPhone, we would consider it to be fine and a good option for enjoying the premium apps for free. As long as it does not hurt your conscience, it should be okay to use the app on your Apple device.
Have you used the vShare app on your iPhone? If yes, do share your opinions and views with us. Your feedback and comments will help our readers gather more information on this widely used alternative app store.


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