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Top 5 Tips To Speed Up Your Website

Are you under an impression that speed does not matter in making your website popular? If you do, maybe you need to think again. Yes, the time taken by your site to load has a huge impact on the performance and conversion rate of your site or blog. Internet speeds have been increasing these days. And that is something that has made netizens around the world intolerant of the sites that load slowly. How to improve your Website Speed? A million dollar question. But the answers are quite too many. We will go through the top five tips on increasing your website speed. 

How to improve your website Speed

There are several ways you can optimize your blog for better performance and faster loading time. We will list out five top options in the following paragraphs.

Tip 1 – Optimise Your Images

If you are using WordPress or such similar services, we are sure you are uploading images in their full size. The CMS tools like WordPress let you adjust the images at the backend. Though it may ease out your burden, it may not be a good idea from the point of loading time of your site. The browser is forced to perform two tasks – first loading the original image and then resizing it. We would advise using an image editor before uploading the image onto your site.

Tip 2 – Reduce Plugins

Yes, plugins are meant to improve your site management and adding more functionality. But, at the same time, they put a lot of load on your browser and server. Moreover, there may be some plugins that may be poorly designed and do more harm to your site than any good. Weed out any plugin that you do not need.

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Tip 3 – Use Browser Caching

You are aware of what a cache is. Enabling cache on the visitor’s browser will let the visitor have his browser load the site from the cache rather than reloading it afresh each time the site is visited. You can use a plugin like W3 Total Cache for the purpose.

Tip 4 – Go for an adequate hosting

One of the most common causes that can slow down your site is an inadequate or incapable hosting. Perform a complete research of your chosen hosting services before zeroing on any one of them. top5Hosting and similar other services let you make a proper choice of best hosting service that would suit you. A side by side comparison can be quite helpful in opting for the best hosting for your site.

Tip 5 – Use ZIP Compression

Reducing the number of HTTPS requests can be one of the ways you can employ to speed up your website. One of the ways you can achieve it is by using GZIP compression. You can also move the scripts to the bottom of the page, and if possible – reduce them as much as possible. Be as much leaner as you would be able to do it. The leaner your site is, the faster it will load.

The Final Thouhts

Those were a few tips you can employ to improve the speed of your website. Some of them could be a little more technically advanced, while some of them are easy to implement. If you are not someone who is technically not competent, we would advise you to take help from experts.

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Have you used any of those means to speed up your site? If you know any other options that you can use to improve the performance of your site, you can definitely share your opinions here with us. Your inputs will be much helpful to our readers.

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